An Exploration of Duality and the Alignment System, Part Two


by David Nova

In Part One, I discuss the The Alignment System as a tool for a more nuanced understanding of duality. This system was originally developed for the fantasy role-playing game “Dungeons and Dragons” in the late 1970s as a guideline for players to create their own characters, a two-axis system that incorporates the duality of “Good vs Evil” and “Lawful vs Chaotic” (or “Order vs Chaos”).

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“Lost In Space” Redeems The American Television Family

Netflix’s reboot of Lost in Space is more than just entertaining nostalgia – it singlehandedly resurrects a positive portrayal of the American nuclear family on TV. 

By David Nova

When I was a little kid, when there were few science fiction programs to watch, one of my favorites television shows was the original Lost in Space. It may be difficult to explain just how beloved this show was for an older generation, a series that hasn’t exactly enjoyed the lasting impact of its then rival, Star Trek. However, at the core of this show was a very special family we all secretly wanted to belong to. Little boys wanted to be Will Robinson, just as little boys a decade or so later wanted to be Luke Skywalker.

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