A Human Response to the Unwanted Truth, Part 2

by David Nova

There’s really only one phrase that adequately sums up a human response to the Unwanted Truth“COMPLETELY FUCKED UP!”

There are many adjectives we can apply: sick, evil, demented, crazy, insane, demonic, cancerous, unimaginable, unacceptable, however I think “completely fucked up” sums up the situation best.

This phrase doesn’t even begin to address the nuances of the information, yet it’s a completely natural human response. It’s all just so batshit crazy. There’s no human logic to any of it. And perhaps that provides further grounds for the assumption that the origin of the Unwanted Truth is off-world. Although humans are very much involved in this death-culture agenda, it defies their own self-interest as human beings. But then, many don’t even consider themselves human. How insane is that?

With a casual look around, planet Earth still resembles a beautiful jewel, but when you dare to take a closer look in the shadows where the cockroaches thrive, the ugly stench of it is simply nauseating. So many aspects of our world are simply a septic pile of inhuman insanity gone amok, yet completely ignored.

How does such darkness thrive and spread without destroying itself, without burning itself out, collapsing in the smoldering ruins of entropy. A cancer unhindered eventually destroys its own host, destroying itself in the process. The cosmic stupidity of darkness is the singleminded pursuit of its own self-destruction, and yet it is allowed to grow and spread its septic infection to the otherwise healthy tissue of the Universe.

The Unwanted Truth is both challenging and depressing. It makes you angry. It makes you cry. It can send you down a black hole. It can make you completely numb. There’s nothing positive to be drawn from it. Its disclosure will not immediately lead us to a better world. The immediate result would be even more insanity. Yet there is no other way forward, and our world will have to make a radical paradigm shift from the [illusory] pursuit of happiness to the pursuit of healing, something most presently incarnated human beings are simply not emotionally or spiritually mature enough to do.

How did things get this bad? Why didn’t anyone do anything about this? Why did they let things get to this point? Who is this “they” we feel is responsible for letting down their guard? Where is God in all of this insanity? Why would God let things get this fucked up? The Unwanted Truth raises as many questions as it answers.

Speaking of God. I used to ponder if perhaps God was, in fact, a little insane. What sane being would/could/should tolerate this insanity? If we are all aspects of One Being then perhaps the One Being has a cancer growing inside of it, a cancer eating away at our spiritual oneness.

I used to ponder if perhaps God was bi-polar, a sort of Dr. Jekyll and Hyde being with two faces, one dark and one light. That itself would be another form of insanity.

The truth is that God is a mystery we can not fathom with the human mind, and this type of inquiry is ultimately unproductive, because when it comes to God/Source Creator, an element of faith is always required, a very deep-seated trust at the very core of our own being that is connected to our purpose being here on planet Earth at this time. That certainly doesn’t make it any easier.

The human question and the human condition has always placed us in a state of having, or not having faith. The Unwelcome Truth tests our faith in ways that seem quite insane to us, even inhuman.

On the one hand, I can see how the Unwanted Truth would make someone lose their faith. On the other hand, I can see how it might make one’s faith even stronger. It really just depends upon the individual’s heart and mind. And yet that feels like a completely subjective decision, guided by one’s own spiritual predisposition.

Our Universe is in such a complex state of unimaginable extremes, extreme polarity, between the complete insanity of the darkness and a complete faith in the Light, that there seems to be very little space for human reason or human rationality.

In fact, human reason and rationality may simply be nothing more than a time-out, a waiting room, an illusory state, the temporal nature of 3D existence where an incarnated being is allowed to be a fence sitter, undecided between the polarity paths of Dark and Light.

Our human reason and rationality seem insufficient to the monumental task of dealing with the Unwanted Truth. What else do we have? For that we have to look deeply within ourselves.

image source: unsplash.com, non-copyrighted images.