An Exploration of Duality and the Alignment System, Part Three

by David Nova

In Part One, I discuss the The Alignment System as a tool for a more nuanced understanding of duality. If we simply view world events from a single axis of duality, Good vs Evil, Light vs Dark, Order vs Chaos, White Hat vs Black Hat, I believe we’re missing a more complete understanding of the world around us.

In Part Two, I explore the Alignment System in greater detail, using the original Star Wars trilogy as a guide to show why this system is relevant for us to understand our current world.

In Part Three, I’ll examine the Alignment System’s relationship to spiritual polarity and The Law of One.

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An Exploration of Duality and the Alignment System, Part Two


by David Nova

In Part One, I discuss the The Alignment System as a tool for a more nuanced understanding of duality. This system was originally developed for the fantasy role-playing game “Dungeons and Dragons” in the late 1970s as a guideline for players to create their own characters, a two-axis system that incorporates the duality of “Good vs Evil” and “Lawful vs Chaotic” (or “Order vs Chaos”).

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Is The Awakening Being Helped Or Hijacked By The Right/Left Duality Divide?

The political duality divide has never been more extreme. While the tension may lead to greater awakening, is it ultimately distracting, dividing, and conquering humanity?

By David Nova | from Deus Nexus

Lately, I’ve been avoiding writing about politics. I’ve been avoiding writing pretty much anything. These days, all roads seem to lead back to politics, and my life has just been too busy to wade back into the swamp.

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A Conversation About Duality And A Third Force

by David Nova | 28 May 2014

After reading my post, Captain America Gives The Illuminati Game Away, and my metaphysical series, “Season of the Serpent”, fellow blogger, Nathan Martin of contacted me via Facebook.  The result was a lively and enlightening conversation that tackles some of the biggest questions in the Universe.

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Polarity Light vs Unity Light

by David Nova | 26 Aug 2013

The following is my response to and analysis of Cameron Day’s article “Why I Am No Longer a Light Worker – Transcending Duality” (full article posted below).  Cameron has struck a nerve.  This seems to be a very divisive topic in the New Age community, particularly when he asserts that many Light Workers and channelers are being deceived by a False Light.

While some of these beings play for team dark, and some play for team (false) light, they are ALL ultimately playing for the corrupt demiurge that controls them. This, in essence, is the big secret of the archons:  They are not just the “evil, demonic beings” but also those who pretend to be angels and ascended masters.    Cameron Day

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