The Garden of Eden story is retold in this smart and satirical, contemporary fantasy. The Wizard of Oz meets The Matrix. A historical, metaphysical thriller where Synchronicity provides the clues.

The year is 1982. Paul Venturi is just an average, socially awkward college freshman hiding his extra-terrestrial genesis in the closet, hoping to start a brand new life on campus. Unfortunately, his reemerging telepathy and the shadow of covert government surveillance make fitting in a daunting task. But when an enigmatic Serpent in the guise of a college stoner pressures him to smoke the forbidden weed, Paul is thrust into a mind-bending world of government coverups, Gnostic revelations, and dark conspiracies.

Catapulted over the rainbow, Paul lands in the Astral realm of Yin’Dru where competing factions of immortals are locked in a bitter, cosmic stalemate waging a secret Cold War over the destiny of the human race. A reluctant Paul is cast in the starring role of Adam – a higher sentient human groomed to become their celebrity-messiah. However a sinister faction sees him as the perfect pawn to steer the United States and Soviet Union toward a nuclear Apocalypse.  (Book One of Two)

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The Season of the Serpent draws to a close in this imaginative and controversial spin on the Garden of Eden tale … a metaphysical adventure set against the backdrop of the Cold War.

In the fall of 1983, the super powers are thrust into an international crisis when the Soviet Union shoots down a Korean airliner, and the United States invades the tiny island of Grenada – events manipulated by multi-dimensional forces.

On the Astral plane, as a rift forms in the cosmic fabric, hostilities escalate between rival factions of immortals. An unwitting college sophomore is tempted with the forbidden Knowledge of Good and Evil, triggering a countdown to nuclear war. Now a prisoner of war in the Realm of Yang’Ash, Paul Venturi must discover the mystery of his genesis to prevent an Apocalypse and save the future of humanity.

From the angelic autocracy of Mount Tzion to the demonic netherworld of Pandemonia, the action and revelations fly to a surprising finale. New enemies are made, unexpected alliances are revealed, and a Serpent seeks redemption. (Book Two of Two)

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