In 2012, I published my first novel and started a brand new blog, DeusNexus.  It attempted to cover a very broad road of alternative media material: elite conspiracy, surveillance technology, alternative medicine, occulted media, financial tyranny, religious control, duality politics, exopolitics, but most of all spirituality. 

DeusNexus was fundamentally a spiritually-based blog. I strived to explore the spiritual side of any subject, and I offered a positive perspective when I could.  However, in October 2018, WordPress decided to censor the blog and shut it down. 

DeusNexus was always an exercise in discernement, not always perfect, always sorting through the internet and selectively posting and reposting for the benefit of readers with equally busy lives.  Its was freely offered, an act of pure passion, but short lived.

The US Presidential election of 2016 radically altered the playing field of the alternative media. In some respects it hijacked the narrative/Q/. What was once confined to conspiracy began to creep into the mainstream. Thus corporate media went to war against “fake news” and social media started to silence freedom of expression. A true global awakening process has begun, yet the social divisions of duality programing are more corrosive now than they have ever been. We’re on the cusp of rabid social pathology and civil war.  I do not find this to be spiritually positive, yet it is part of the deconstruction/rebuilding process.

I’ve written quite a bit about duality, both in my posts and my novels. It’s a control paradigm that I’ve passionately tried to expose.  I see duality as one of the fundamental roots of our controlled human experience. In the current climate it is not that difficult for people to achieve a political awakening, however duality programing holds us back from understanding spirituality, from experiencing a real spiritual awakening.  So depending upon one’s grasp of duality, we are either on a Justice Timeline/path or on a Unity Timeline/path. 


This is a new beginning and a new approach. Like this blog, our world is in the process of being deconstructed and rebuilt. We are in the process of deconstructing our identity with the Old Earth. We are rebuilding ourselves for a New Earth. What that means precisely is anyone’s guess. Nobody really knows, for sure. 😉 What I can offer is a grounded, organic, accessible approach.

This blog will offer compassionate spiritual insight and psychological tools, with a focus upon The Law of One and our return journey to Source, with a few interesting detours along the way. There will be little-to-no focus on esoteric film analysis, duality politics, occulted crimes, mass media MK, or any other sticky illusion.  We might tackle the greater meaning of the Justice Timeline, but we won’t dwell upon the details. That is not the purpose of this blog. There will be countless other blogs for that purpose.

The writing style will be decidedly different. Whereas my posts on DeusNexus were written in a news article format, with a lead, links, cites, and lengthy logical proofs, that will not be the case here. I find that writing style to be tedious and exhausting.  I am liberating myself! I will not be walking on carefully worded eggshells in fear that a reader might be triggered by a noun or a verb.  I’m not perfect, and sometimes I may use an imperfect word. Human language is a terribly limited communication medium, so practice forgiveness. If you are triggered by something you read, the best thing you can do for your own personal growth is to seek to understand why you are triggered, understand the root of it, without projecting negative emotional energy, perpetuating a form of karma. And it’s quite annoying to get such comments. We’ll be examining the spiritual source of that too.


This blog is going to be written more like a book.  Each post will be a short chapter snippet in a much longer esoteric work.  There will be several posts that follow a continuous theme before the subject evolves in a new direction. This may seem stream-of-consciousness and spontaneous, as I write, as I am inspired, as I follow Spirit’s guidance. 

I will not be writing additional disclaimers instructing the reader to use their discernment. I’m stating it here. Always use your own personal, spiritual discernment in everything you read. Take away what resonates with you, what speaks to you, and leave behind the rest.  I’m not stating that everything here will be absolutely 100% correct and empirically true, only that the spirit in which it is written is true.  In this mysterious and unfathomable Universe, not everything can be understood as factual truth from a human perspective. That is why Jesus spoke in parables. That is why I wrote my novels as a Hero’s Journey allegory.

I have a loose, evolving outline for this blog, so it may change at any point. It may be helpful to the reader to follow the continuity of the posts, because I will not spend time summarizing them. These days, more than anything else, I find that time is my most valuable commodity. This blog will reflect a more efficient use of my time, energy, and creativity.

So with all this disclaimer said upfront, I hope that you find some insight in this new blog. I hope you find it enlightening and empowering. I’m writing it as much for myself, for my own healing journey back to Source, seeking answers to nagging questions, putting the bigger picture into sharper focus, grasping the answers emotionally thru spirit rather than intellectually thru ego. 

Feel free to share your thoughtful comments, add to the conversation, ask any question, share your insights, or just say hello. We all have something to share. Let’s keep it constructive and enlightening.