A Breaking Point


by David Nova

The frustration trap affects everyone, those who still cling tightly to the old world paradigm as well as those who are anxious for a new world paradigm. I suppose the only recourse is to be present in the current moment, as difficult as the current moment might be. The current moment presents opportunities to recognize great transformation.

Tremendous political divisiveness, division, and duality is merely a symptom of the frustration trap. It acknowledges an urgent need for change, yet the change that is politically sought is not always an authentic, positive transformation. The insanity of political movements is that they continue to perpetuate the same old world paradigm yet expect a different result, a paradigm fortified by Team Dark over thousands of years. The paradigm of competition instead of sharing, the paradigm of fear instead of love, the paradigm of separation instead of reconciliation, the paradigm of blame instead of forgiveness, the paradigm of duality instead of unity.

The new progressive marxists mistakingly believe that they are part of a new paradigm of love, yet they employ the same failed strategies of the old world paradigm – fear, separation, blame, and duality. They are simply unconscious pawns of an old and tired game playing it’s last hand. Until they wake up to this manipulation, until they wake up to the unwanted truth, they will continue to fan the flames of the frustration trap. The duality-driven ego must admit it’s own addiction to darkness and surrender. There will be no peace until it does.

excerpt from SOTS: Book Two, Chapter 41

“Even now the seeds of rebellion are being planted.  The poor and the hungry grow restless and violent.  Their cries go unheard.  They are imprisoned and dehumanized.  Such conditions  have repercussions.  Global Chaos burns like a wild fire of unquenchable fury, creating terror and self-destruction.  Yet the fire of Chaos only fuels the police state it fears.  The growing threat of dissent and disruption fuels Order to squeeze its fist tighter.  This oppression fuels even greater Chaos.  It is simply a matter of Physics.  Energy can neither be created nor destroyed.  It must go somewhere or be transformed.  The cycle of ego and fear shall continue to spiral until your world reaches a breaking point

Of course, the danger for an opposing conservative camp to the violent chaos on the left is the impulse to give in to more violence, to fall into the trap of oppressive order, which would throw even more gasoline on the duality bonfire, and provide the precise duality environment that Team Dark has been struggling to manifest. 

So far, at least in the United States, the opposing camp seems to be mitigating some of the energy of this reaction, allowing the other side to publicly present the faces the extremes of chaos [riots] and extreme order [quarantine]. Yet it is a dangerous line to walk between the permissiveness of doing nothing and the iron grip of police state order. 

The middle ground seeks balance, but without raising the collective consciousness via disclosure, seeking balance is merely an act of treading water, trying to hold on to the old status-quo without drowning. It’s a zero-sum game, and it can not be maintained indefinitely. 

A breaking point will eventually be reached where a challenging path may be forced upon us, one that has been put off for far too long, a breaking poing much like the breaking of an addiction, an addiction to illusion. 

image source: unsplash.com, non-copyrighted images.


  1. “A breaking point will eventually be reached where a challenging path may be forced upon us, one that has been put off for far too long, a breaking poing much like the breaking of an addiction, an addiction to illusion. ”

    I know, I should stay present and conscious, but I’m f****** scared to what is about to come.



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