The Frustration Trap


by David Nova

Everything that Team Dark does will backfire. Everything they do only aids the awakening that they are desparate to stop.

There comes a point when you fight against Source Creator, when you fight against the Universe, when you fight against your own humanity, when you fight against your very reason for being, that you find you are ultimately fighting against yourself. 

The Universe allows you to freely create, but when your creations no longer serve you, no longer serve your purpose for being, when your creations hold you back, they become road blocks. 

We’ve all experienced that entanglement of frustration, when you seem to want something so much, want it too much, the harder you try the more you struggle to obtain it. Road blocks keep popping up, standing in your way. They will not let you pass. What once seemed easy is now terribly difficult. You’ve lost that calm ability to focus and create. You’re now in panic mode.  The walls are closing in around you. All of your dreams seem to be going up in smoke. You’ve hit a wall of reality, and reality now seems to be working against you, fighting you every step of the way. But you are only fighting yourself. You are only sabotaging yourself, and it will not end until you let go of what you are fighting for. 

You are in a frustration trap. The harder you fight, the more the knot tightens. There is no peace until you stop fighting and surrender the situation, accept it. Only then can you move forward.

excerpt from SOTS: Book Two, Chapter 41

“Renegades are always on the run from the peace within themselves.  We can not find that peace for them.  We love them just the same.  They will attempt to keep humanity imprisoned.  We expect this, and we must allow it.  We know the remnant powers of Yang’Ash and Yin’Dru will form a dark alliance, even as their brethren rejoin the Light of Eternity.  They will unite to resist the Light.  They will attempt to build a New Order out of Chaos.  They will attempt to imprison the world under their dark rule.  They will disregard the galactic code of noninterference.  They work in secret, manipulating their human counterparts.  Yet their desperate plan will fail.  They will only serve to accelerate the transformation of Earth into the Light.”

“How can you be certain?”

“We see all points simultaneously from Eternity while they see only a straight line.  We balance the equation.  We perceive and adjust seemingly insignificant factors that will ultimately derail their plans while still maintaining freewill for the predominance of humanity.”

Humanity operates within the confines of linear time. Thus our freedom of action is largely an illusion. We are confined to one timeline of events at a time. Even with the most sophisticated, undisclosed technology available, we can not see or operate in all possible timelines at once. The frustration trap will still see all desired artificial timelines collapse.

Source Creator is non-linear and thus has unlimited freedom to see all aspects of any equation or any timeline at any point and interceed in the most seemingly insignificant, yet dramatically effective way. 

image source:, non-copyrighted images.

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