A Zombie Apocalypse


by David Nova

Many grieve for a sleeping normalcy that is no more and will never be again. For those who refuse to reevaluate their belief system, who refuse to process their personal grief toward awakening and acceptance, psychological distress may manifest as a form of End Times Madness. 

Not everyone grieves the same way. Some turn their grief inwards while others turn it outwards – externalizing their denial and anger with delusion and violence. Thus a collective mob mentality of subconscious pain and perceived victimhood takes over, evident in the protests and riots where the only goal seems to be destruction, a momentary emotional catharsis of relief without any healing. This zombie apocalypse has been programmed into our society for decades and we are now seeing the fruits of it.

excerpt from SOTS: Book Two, Chapter 41

“You have started a chain reaction. As the transformation of Earth approaches, humanity shall find their perception of choice gradually diminishing. The path will narrow, holding you to one course. The threshold for Synchronicity will increase. Coincidences will abound. You will find that you have written yourselves into a corner.

“As humanity begins to awaken, the world around you will appear to change. Order and Chaos will no longer be unconscious forces hiding beneath your culture. Their terrible, yet artificial conflict will rise to the surface. You will see the unimaginable manifest before your eyes … A new duality will emerge to manifest this perpetual conflict – the monolithic state versus the individual. This process is unavoidable.”

When I wrote these words almost ten years ago, I perceived a slightly different scenario playing out, and yet these words are still eerily prescient for what is transpiring in our world today. I initially perceived a DUALITY CRISIS unfolding between the “the monolithic state [NewWorld/ORDER] versus the individual [freedom fighters/CHAOS].”  Yet the script seems to have flipped. What we “appear” to have now is [freedom fighters/restoring ORDER] verses [Deep State produced CHAOS]. Never the less, this DUALITY CRISIS will likely lead to the same result – a New Awakened World, perhaps with some better guardrails. Team Dark is playing defensive and making mistakes. 

The forces of Order and Chaos are universal cosmic forces, yet there has always been a dark artificial duality agenda in play. The Hegelian Dialectic has always been employed by Team Dark. Thesis + Antithesis = Synthesis. Or in other words, Problem + Reaction = Solution. Or in other words, Old Order + Chaos = New Order.  

No one should mistake the manipulation of cosmic forces as a command of cosmic forces. Team Dark lacks true creativity. Team Dark can only subvert cosmic forces, not create them. Team Dark loves the story of Prometheus, the mythical figure who stole fire from the gods giving humanity civilization. Team Dark loves burning down other people’s houses so they can profit from rebuilding. However, sometimes when you play with fire you burn your fingers. Sometimes you end up burning down YOUR OWN house. And sometimes you run out of time or opportunities to rebuilt. Sometime fire purifies what we are too stubborn to release, as many will discover on the other side.

This zombie apocalypse has been programmed in more ways than one. The unfortunate and unwanted truth is that over the past many years many children were probably meticulously and sadistically programmed for such work [via monarch]. They will not easily awaken or heal on their own. The rest of the zombies are just lost young souls who’ve been passively programmed for most of their lives. They’re simply joining the ranks, following the lead of the sleepwalking undead. Hopefully, this will eventually be exposed.

But one thing has become quite apparent. Everything that Team Dark is doing is backfiring. Everything they do is only aiding the awakening that they are desparate to stop. The more they struggle, the tighter the knot becomes. As they find the “perception of choice gradually diminishing.  The path will narrow, holding [them] to one course.” They have, in effect, written themselves into a corner. And that appears to be what will play out. 

Our job, apparently, is to witness and hold the Light.

image source: unsplash.com, non-copyrighted images.

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