The Cycle of Extreme Duality


by David Nova

One aspect of End Times Madness is the manifestation of Unwanted Truth breaking through the wall of human denial. When individuals fight against the awareness of any truth that goes against their deeply-held belief system they experience psychological distress.

A part of the ego that protects the individual’s earthbound sense of identity dies when hard-held beliefs are tested by reality and forced to collapse. Confronted by the reality of Unwanted Truth, we move through  many of the steps of the grieving process: (1) Denial (2) Anger (3) Bargaining (4) Depression, and finally (5) Acceptance.

If an individual refuses to reevaluate their belief system, if they refuse to acknowledge, experience, and pass through the full grieving process, they become stuck in the early stanges, experiencing tremendous psychological distress. As this happens globally and collectively, it becomes a form of End Times Madness.

excerpt from SOTS: Book Two, Chapter 40

“You are the slayer of myths, the alarm clock restoring equilibrium to the Universe, yet you have learned so much more, have you not?”

“That they are us,” Paul acknowledged.  “That we embody the forces of Order and Chaos.”

“To understand these forces you needed to personify them.  Long ago, humanity surrendered their own divine will.  You fell asleep.  You elevated your ego and your fears into deities, one to serve and one to destroy, never imagining that such forces were meant to work in balance, hand in hand, in the service of your heart.  Because you slept, you became their unconscious servants, like programs serving other programs, perceiving a war that never was.  And so you made war upon yourself.  Separated from your true self, you live within the illusion of good and evil.”

Another aspect of End Times Madness may be a direct manifestation of the Order vs Chaos duality paradigm within human systems. As I detailed in my novels, the duality of Order vs Chaos runs subconsciously/beneath all human activities. We all exhibit aspects of both Order or Chaos in our daily lives, much more than we exhibit aspects of Good vs Evil, Service-to-Others vs Service-to-Self. 

When we submit to the discipline of a daily routine or work schedule we are exhibiting aspects of Order. When we play, go on vacation, get drunk, or blow off steam, we are exhibiting aspects of Chaos.  As I note in my novels, neither Order nor Chaos are inherently good or evil. Yet taken to the extreme, both Order and Chaos become engines of great evil.

This aspect of End Times Madness surfaces when these subconscious human aspects of Order vs Chaos duality rise within the collective human consciousness and become overtly divided and institutionalized in our daily waking life, when we see large groups of humans collectively react and behave in patterns that either represent extreme Chaos or extreme Order. 

We are already beginning to witness large groups of humans collectively reacting and behaving with extreme Chaos, with riots, looting, destruction, random brutality, and savage murderous behavior, all done under a unifying banner of anarchy (no matter what other name or -ism they give it). 

We have yet to see an equal and opposite reaction to this anarchy from extreme Order, though that may be coming very soon, perhaps in the form of martial law. What we are seeing right now from the forces of extreme Order are extreme lockdowns and worldwide quarantines from the threat of a (suspicious) virus. 

With the knowledge that every action has an equal and opposite reaction, it can in fact be argued that the extreme Chaos of anarchy and riots is the equal and opposite reaction to the extreme Order of quarantine lockdowns, whether it is subconscious human behavior or a consciously acknowledged factor.  

In this End Times Madness, we are caught up in this cycle of extreme, externalized duality. Whether this extreme duality ends or whether it has only just begun, is up to us. 

It is up to humanity to face the Unwanted Truth, to decide to proceed through the process of grieving toward healing and acceptance. (And yes, the administration of due justice is an important byproduct of this process.)

image source:, non-copyrighted images.

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