End Times Madness


by David Nova

The world is going stark raving mad, and it is becoming more and more difficult to consume what still passes as independent, objective news.  Between the draconian corona lockdowns, the toxic American presidential election, and the BLM protests and riots, the behavior of too many individuals has become completely irrational and violently deranged (and that’s before any real aspect of disclosure is added). 

Many aspects of cultural civility are beginning to vanish at an alarming rate. The superficial veneer of polite civilization is being stripped away. For some individuals, their suppressed  psychological dysfunction is beginning to take over their lives. It has become abundantly clear by now that we are in the midst of what can only be described as “End Times Madness.”

excerpt from SOTS: Book Two, Chapter 40

“It all seems so needlessly cruel,” Paul commented.  He had not been in Eternity long enough to forget the hardships of life.

“It need not be.  Collectively, you make evil a necessity by refusing to change.  If your heart were open, you would trust what you wish to teach yourself.  That every cause has an effect, every effect becomes a new cause.  This is Karma.  Everything in the universe has a purpose, though you cannot perceive it.  You do not wish to perceive it.  You prefer to forget, to absolve yourself of this responsibility.”

What is driving this madness? In many respects it is an unwillingness to face the truth. As maddening as the Unwanted Truth may be, the great irony is that ignoring the heart of the Unwanted Truth is just as maddening, if not more so, because it is madness in the midst of complete ignorance, unable to comprehend, unable to understand, unable to reason. It is the chaos of nihilism.

Willful Sleepers do not see it or know it, but they can certainly sense it, they can feel the mental pressure cooker. It’s in the air, the smell of apocalyptic times, evident in the examples of bloodthirsty rioting mobs, sudden violent outbursts aimed at non-mask wearers, and Mr.T derangement syndrome. And its probably going to get a lot worse.

We are not witnessing a revolution. We are witnessing the deranged emotional response to a dying world, not the end of life, but the end of our old way of life, the end of blissful ignorance, a sudden end to the grace period for spiritual fence-sitters. The unconscious waters are being drained from the basin of the Age of Pisces, poured into the Age of Aquarius. Some of the fish are gasping for breath, unable to breath in the new energetic environment because they have not transformed themselves, they have not personally and spiritually evolved. Unaddressed and ignored lessons are coming to a head.

Willful sleepers do not want to know truth because they do not want to witness it or take any responsibility for it, not in any real sense, least of all take responsibility for their own demons/shadow side. They do not want to change themselves. They do not want to spiritually evolve. They want to remain in victim mentality. They want someone else to change the world around them, for them, but only superficially so that they can go back to sleep. They are willfully stuck in the Matrix. They want the dream to continue. But the illusions of this world are coming to an end.

Apocalypse literally means “revelation” or “the great revealing,” not the erroneous great destruction that has been culturally programmed, yet the unconscious/sleeping response to this revealing may well be more destruction. Those who foolishly believe that violence can force-change the world for the better are deluding themselves. They have regressed into barbarism. Decades of violent media programming, from The Hunger Games to Game of Thrones, have made them morally numb and intellectually brain dead. They’ve become zombies in service to a dark agenda.

And yet I find that my tiny corner of the world is still quite peaceful, civil, and calm. Chaos may yet come my way soon, or this might be a perfect example of the Bifurcation process, the splitting of the timelines. I am already witnessing first hand a separation from friends and individuals who are on a different path. The lockdowns have certainly helped play a role in this bifurcation process, keeping many of us quarantined not just from a virus but from End Times Madness. 

image source: unsplash.com, non-copyrighted images.

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  1. Your opinion seems very bias to say the least in this text, it is funny for me how you describe people reacting to the violence they been endure for centuries in this country as barbaric behavior and chaos . For me chaos is police brutality not people protesting for justice. Peace



    1. I had a feeling I would get a comment like this. As I experienced with my previous blog, when ever I touched upon any topic that is red hot in current events, I would undoubtably get responses from individuals who are unfamiliar with the body of my work, who get trigged and make an assumption entirely out of context. So I will once again use this as a teaching moment.

      Anyone familiar with my work knows that I view duality as problematic. I am not pro-Order, anti-Chaos. I view any extreme of duality to be inherently negative. I believe that the divine path is balancing duality from higher consciousness. This is a difficult concept for many who hold a strong viewpoint from a political duality, on the left or the right.

      There’s an old saying, the road to hell is paved with good intentions. While institutional racism is very much a problem, and a good many protestors have the best of intentions, the problem of racism will never be solved by focusing upon race, by creating more division and hatred, but only when we learn to be color blind, when we learn to value people as people, when we learn to value our shared humanity. You can’t fight fire with fire and expect a better, peaceful world. It requires a global shift in our awareness.

      Anyone who has had any interaction with the police knows that there are both good ones and bad ones. Unfortunately, many police forces in the United State (and around the world) share the same problem as the violent anarchist groups. There is an element of monarch mind control involved below the surface. Many police officers have been arrested for child pornography and child abuse. There are many that protect the networks of human trafficking. This is Chaos disguised as Order.

      The real human problem is so much bigger than police brutality and protestors, but few people holding a liberal perspective want to see or acknowledge this truth, the fact that institutional slavery still exists today, only it’s no longer people of color, it’s children who are in demand by human traffickers. Just look at the incredible statistics for missing children and human trafficking. Yet our news media refuses to even look a this. Why? And why are these protests and riots only happening now, before a major election? People need to look beyond the superficial appearance of things if they truly want to change the world.



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