The First Duality


by David Nova

The first duality was not good and evil, nor male and female, nor day and night. When the manifest universe was first created, good and evil did not yet exist. Male and female genders had not yet been designed. Day and night had no meaning as planets (and galaxies) had yet to exist and therefore did not spin.

The first duality was Order and Chaos, the primal forces of creation, the elemental Yin and Yang, the cosmic push and pull that first formed and then remade the fabric of the manifest universe.

The manifest universe was created in waves, in expanding octaves of greater densities emanating from Source Creator. Each density was a step down from Infinte Intelligence, where eternal beings could cloth and express themselves in a more finite form and experience existence as an individual being further apart from Source Creator, just as children separate from their parents to explore their individuality. 

As you travel outward through the densities, away from Source Creator, more and more Chaos is required to create realms of greater imperfection, to create the illusion of greater freedom of choice. As you travel outward through the densities, the direct experience of Divine Order fades and a lesser order of false light fills the void to take its place.

If you were to visit an alien civilization on an alien planet, you may discover that other dualities have very different meaning. Their solar system may have two or more suns, thus day and night might be quite different. Their species may have very different or nonexistent gender differences. Their morals, their definition of good and evil may be radically different from ours. Yet if you were to discuss the duality of Order and Chaos with an alien species, you might be surprised to find that the definitions are very likely universal concepts. Order is self-organization. Chaos is disorganization. There is little room for variant meanings.

excerpt from SOTS: Book Two, Chapter 40

“What was the purpose of Chaos and Order?” Paul asked.  Could such principals really be destroyed?

“Such beings were the hands of creation.  Elemental equations.  The forces of duality.  Left and right, Yin and Yang, female and male, energy and matter.  Through them, the Universe was manifested.  In the beginning, there was only one Being – The Source.  That Being divided into two more Beings, yet still remained whole.  These two new magnificent Beings were then given permission to create the material and etheric realms.  Unfortunately, when they descended into their new creation they began to forget who they were, and thus they lost their way.  They began to wage war. 

In my novels, I personified the forces of Order and Chaos as antagonistic characters. I oversimplified them for the sake of a fictional, allegorical narrative. They were not the first two beings which emanated from Source Creator. However, Order and Chaos made up the first duality that was created when the manifest universe formed, the primal forces of creation which would eventually come to be personified by the human god-figures we worshiped, from the ancient Persian deities Ahura Mazda and Angra Mainyu, the Egyptian deities Osirus and Set, to the Abrahamic deities Yahweh and Satan. 

Again, as you travel outward through the densities, the direct experience of Divine Order fades and a lesser order of false light fills the void to take its place. The very essence of the false light order is ego.

image source:, non-copyrighted images.

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