Timeless Interconnectedness


by David Nova

In the beginning, if there was a beginning, before time, before the formation of the universe, the fully potentiated, fully populated heavenly realm existed in a state of “timeless interconnectedness.” These were the first beings that emanated from the One Infinite Creator. We call them angels.

It’s impossible to accurately describe this experience in human terms, never-the-less I will humbly proceed. 

excerpt from SOTS: Book Two, Chapter 40

“Is this Heaven?  Can you tell me where I am?”  Paul was still thinking like an Earthling.

“Why, have you lost yourself?” the other replied with a smile, posing a curious question.

“I don’t think so,” Paul replied.

“Then you are exactly where you are.  You cling to this preoccupation, to define where you are, just as you wish to define who you are.  These misconceptions are tied together.  You have not moved.  Your consciousness has shifted.  It might be simpler to say that the Universe has moved around you.”

The space-time continuum was an illusion.  Everything existed in a state of quantum potential.  On the sub-quantum level, location simply ceased to exist.  All points in space became equal to all others.  Thus, the Universe existed in a state of timeless interconnectedness.

It all made perfect sense, yet Paul understood none of it.  He was surprised by Nirvana.  It was not what he expected.  There was no one in charge.  Everyone shared knowledge equally.

Imagine a community that exists in perfect harmony, within pure love. No strife, no competition, no imbalance, no individual pursuits that contradict the whole. There is no sense of personal identity or ego other than what is required to perform a given task. Perhaps individuality itself only exists as a function or a sense of that purpose. It is a very fluid environment in which these beings live. Waves that form upon the surface of the ocean are quickly absorbed back into the sea. And yet the wave still exists, as a form of energy without a body.

Consider the dual nature of light, being both a particle and a wave. Danish physicist Niels Bohr called it a “duality paradox” and regarded it as a fundamental or metaphysical fact of nature. (Source)

Consider that beings such as angels can simultaneously be individualized particles of God and also fluid and indistinguishable waves within God’s greater being.

The nature of the One Infinite Creator is, as Ra described, a “mystery-clad being.” Angels are equally “mystery-clad” to us human beings.

You will find that I usually prefer not to assign names to any spiritual or multi-dimensional being, simply because once you assign a name, you instantly create a distraction. You instantly personify it. You create a personalized detail which suddenly detracts from the meaning of the message that is being delivered. I purposefully used strangely allegorical or ancient Zoroastrianism names in my novels to avoid culturally-based assumptions. 

The metaphysical meaning behind any spiritual information is more important than a particular name, and I suspect that angels probably feel the same way. If you’re an angel, you probably haven’t much use for a name, except to bring their existence into the narrow focus of a human mind. Never-mind that a name is simply a human vocalization, an arrangement of human symbols that make up a human word.

A name, like any cloth of personal identity, is a limitation placed upon an infinite being. A name makes us finite. I tend to think that demons have names, yet angels probably do not. Perhaps human beings will spiritually evolve to a point where we no longer require a name. What a crazy thought, right? How would we define and identify ourselves? How would others know us? Perhaps by our vibration.

“I am, that I am.”

The One Infinite Creator: The Law of One

image source: unsplash.com, non-copyrighted images.


  1. David, I am so glad you are back to writing again. I know I speak for others than just myself. And I’m sure they too are happy and grateful for your posts. You know what! I also think it’s time to re-read your Season of the Serpent books as well. Thank you so much David.



    1. Thank you, Will. That means a lot. For a while I struggled with a sense of direction, even before DeusNexus was censored. In some respects, I feel that I helped manifest that situation, as I personally struggled with the direction DeusNexus was going. It became quite popular and very broad in scope. I felt like the blog was directing me instead of me directing it, if that makes sense. The Universe was telling me I needed to refocus my priorities.

      Unfortunately, SOTS never gained a level of readership or financial support to sustain writing more books. That, and I’m fairly certain it was being quietly sidelined/shadow-banned. SOTS seemed to trigger certain people, and it caused some behind-the-scenes drama and internal civil war within a certain online literary review group, which proceeded to find its battlefield in my Amazon reviews. I have no doubt larger forces were at work.

      At any rate, I haven’t reread my own work for a number of years. With the current duality crisis raging in the world, I felt it was time to revisit what I had written. Much like some people I have a difficult time with mediation, however when I write, I find that I enter this really quiet, focused, spiritual place where connection seems effortless. I immediately have a sense when I write something that seems incorrect. A little voice says, that’s not quite right. So I go back and rewrite it. Although, in the past there were times when I was stubborn and simply kept the material. I’m a little more patient to listening for instruction now.

      I admit, I am always a little amazed by what I write. It doesn’t feel like it came from me. I always go back and reread it. So in that sense, I feel I’m acting as a medium or a channel, though I have an aversion to this definition. I’d rather just be a writer.

      At this point, I’m just letting the Universe work through me without expectation or reward. It took a while to get to this point, to release all expectations, to learn to go with the flow. But that’s where I am now, and I plan to continue writing. At some point when I accumulate enough material, I may turn these posts into another ebook.

      To anyone reading this, please share this blog and these posts. While I am releasing expectations for temporal success, I do feel this information is important to freely share with the world.



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