Your Higher Self


by David Nova

Though we are a blind species, there’s a great deal of love and support for us on the other side that we can call upon. We have spirit guides and soul family members, angels and ancestors. But perhaps our most intimate and resourceful spiritual guide is our higher self.  It is our direct connection to God Source.

In the posts to follow, I will be revisiting some of my writing from 2012, specifically the last couple of chapters of my spiritual novel, Season of the Serpent: Book Two. After completing his Hero’s Journey, my protagonist Paul Venturi ascends to spiritual realms beyond the astral plane where he has a conversation with his higher self. 

I’m going to unpack some of the spiritual concepts that I touched upon in these chapters, then explore some of the predictions that were made about our immediate future, which now seem remarkably relevant considering the extreme divisions of duality raging in our society today.

You need not have read my novels to follow these posts, however they provide a platform for understanding some of my concepts of duality.

excerpt from SOTS: Book Two, Chapter 40

“Who are you?” Paul asked.  The other felt so familiar – the brother he never knew, the father he had lost, or perhaps the lover he was destined to meet.  This twin soul was all these things and more.

“Are you God?” Paul asked innocently.

“I am everything that is.  I am the Universe.  I am you, the one who calls himself Paul Venturi.  You are my lost sibling returned, for we are all aspects of the One.”

“Then you represent God?” Paul asked.  He was overcome by the radiant compassion of this light being.

“You speak words.  I speak of being.  Your words are a limitation, a definition for something separate and apart from you.  There is no separation. We are one and the same.  While we may appear to be separate entities, we are not.  I am as much you as you are me.”

What exactly is our higher self?

My understanding of the concept is a bit complex; it’s a bit of a mind-bender to wrap one’s head around it.

Our higher self is us, and yet it is not us. We can imagine our higher self as our most perfect and pure attainment of self, our ideal self, the grandest spiritual expression of ourself unhindered by limitations and doubts, blindness, amnesia, and fear.

I’ve had a few experiences with my higher self, and each time I was struck by (I want to say ‘his’ but higher self gender is more of an expression/presentation than an actual physical trait.) his ease of confidence, his sense of humor, his radiating smile, his battle-worn wisdom, his expansive outflow of love. 

It’s my understanding that our higher self is both our root-self and our future-self at the same time. This is a tricky concept. Our higher self exists outside of our experience of linear time. 

As our root-self, our higher self is our most-direct connection to God Source or Intelligent Infinity. 

And yet, all of our lifetimes, our incarnations, our spiritual realm sojourns, and the journey of our ascension path is leading us to our future-self expression of our higher self. 

You could almost visualize our path as a circular journey. We were once pure God Source, and we are returning to pure God Source again. However, I believe that our cosmic soul journey is more of an expanding circular spiral. We are on an expanding circular spiral from our root-self moving towards our future-self.

Our root-self contains all the knowledge of the Universe, yet our future-self is the beneficiary of all of our lifetimes of personal experience, an expanding outward wave of experience, which in combination with the knowledge of our root-self becomes an expanding accumulation of wisdom.  We are thus an integral part of the ever-expanding expression of God Source.

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