Upon the Shore of Eternity


by David Nova

Attempting to describe Eternity in human words is a difficult task. When we paint a picture with words we often get hung up on their literal meaning.  The rational mind likes to debate subtle definitions. The rational mind prefers the 3 dimensional boundaries of form. There is a sense of security in form, a familiar structure, linear movement, a beginning and an end. There is definition in form, a sense of discrete identity, no matter how limited it may be.

The dreaming-creative mind prefers symbols and metaphor; it prefers the freedom of a blank, unlimited canvas. It is not confined by literal meaning or the definitions of form. Anything is possible. There are no boundaries. Everything is fluid, There is no separation. Logical contradictions are simply not important. In a dream, we can be one thing and then suddenly morph into another thing. 

To the rational mind, there’s something a little scary about pure, unlimited, creative freedom. There is a fear of madness, the loss of individual identity and form definition, the intimidation of infinite nothingness. 

We are beings gifted with two minds, a rational mind and a creative mind. We are not trapped in the rational. We are not trapped in the dream state. We are free to move from one state of being to another, exploring two worlds.

excerpt from SOTS: Book Two, Chapter 40

“A shimmering, mesmerizing light danced on the water’s surface.  Light refracted through the rippling lens, guiding him home.  Paul burst through the threshold, breaking the water’s surface, jumping into Eternity.  Now he stood by the side of a lake in the middle of emptiness, surrounded by a sea of shimmering, radiant light.  He wasn’t alone.

Paul wasn’t in a place.  It was an endless vibration.  The emotion of pure joy stretched out in every direction.  The lake represented the manifested Universe, all the multi-dimensional levels, all the different depths of physicality – the solid perception of Simulation Earth and the holographic perception of the Outer Astral Realms.

Paul wasn’t in a time.  It was an eternal moment outside the linear timeline, the shore surrounding the lake.  The lake represented the temporal Universe where multiple lifetimes were lived in succession.  On the shore, everyone’s incarnations were instantly available to review like a favorite movie collection.

Within the lake, consciousness oscillated between two charged poles vibrating wildly between them.  Within the lake, worlds battled in duality, clothed in denial, dreaming.

Within the lake, you could experience any emotion: happiness, sadness, anger, grief.  But on the shore the drama stood still, holding one note, one frequency of everlasting Love, a steady hum of joy.  The rolling stone no longer rolled.

On the shore, there was no war.  There never had been war, and there never would be war, for all was one and one was all.  On the shore, life was inside out.  One’s inner thoughts and emotions instantly became one’s outer world.  Living in absolute knowledge and pure transparency, the only desire was for everlasting peace.

The vibration of tranquility-love-joy-and-compassion had no walls, no boundaries, no national borders.  Souls traveled wherever souls wished to travel.  Consciousness went anywhere it could imagine, visiting anyone who wished to be visited.  There were no secrets.  Everything was naked.  Everything was seen.  Everything was adored.  The shore was an open classroom – for as long as people dove into the lake to experience other lifetimes, they would bring back new experiences for everyone to share and appreciate.  Thus one soul’s adventure was everyone’s treasure.”

image source: unsplash.com, non-copyrighted images.

One Comment

  1. Bautifull ,the diference in hearing the words or more is to have the quality in sensing the vibration behind the words. love Anna



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