Happiness and Empathy


by David Nova

Why do I write about happiness at a time when the world seems to be falling apart? Because after some deep contemplation, the pursuit of happiness and our illusions about happiness seem to be at the root of the human condition. Our desire for happiness is universal. It connects us. Yet we don’t understand it. We are not masters of it, so it masters us.

For most human beings, happiness is a feeling or a transitory experience. We tend to seek out that feeling like an addiction. We recreate the parameters of the experience. Our blind pursuit of happiness can lead to choices that are unhealthy or self-centered. Our desire is to hold on to this feeling or experience indefinitely, yet we can not avoid circumstances that tend to make us feel unhappy. 

There is a logical fallacy among some of the awakened that if we simply remove the dark ones the world will become a happy paradise. What would likely result is a power vacuum filled by lesser self-serving individuals and a whole lot of  confusion. Certainly better, but certainly not paradise. What would still be lacking from any human leadership on 3D Earth is a quality of empathy and spiritual wisdom. This is perhaps one reason why a Bifurcation process is taking place.

So we need to evolve our understanding of personal and collective happiness if we wish to create paradise. Having empathy means stepping outside of our own sense of happiness for a minute in order to experience and understand the suffering of other selves. And not just empathy for selected individuals or selected discriminated groups, but empathy for everyone who is suffering. Fighting prejudice with more prejudice is not real empathy. Thus 3D Earth is a sort of an empathy classroom.

Happiness is likely a far more complex concept than we realize.

On Earth, the pursuit of happiness seems universal, perhaps because we carry subconscious memories of an extremely pleasant afterlife/prelife experience – a state of peace, bliss, or tranquility, and long forgotten soul memories of our true spiritual home.

For Spirit, true happiness is a choice. Spirit accepts all things as they are,  without attaching judgment. Experiences are neither good nor bad, they simply are. Thus true happiness is leaving a state of duality and returning to our true self in a state of organic oneness with Source Creator.  

We tend to think of the spirit world in extremes of happiness, as either the pure bliss of heaven or the pure torment of hell. 

On Earth, too much happiness often seems to have a detrimental effect on our empathy. People who are self-absorbed in their own sense of happiness tend to want to ignore the tragic circumstances of others. Thus the suffering of others selves is avoided, least it crush one’s own personal experience of happiness.

Is there empathy in heaven for the state of the human race? Do heavenly beings balance their own divine happiness with an understanding of the suffering taking place on Earth?  How do they maintain their own experience of happiness while also knowing the great suffering of other selves at the same time? Does it help to know that our suffering is only an illusion? Yet it is a powerful illusion, one that imprisons souls for many lifetimes. Is this why we volunteer to return to this beautiful soul-prison-classroom Earth, to help awaken others, to help liberate souls, to help end the great illusion of suffering?

Yet the suffering continues. When will the people of Earth wake up and realize that they’ve had enough suffering? It is in our own hands to end it.

image source: unsplash.com, non-copyrighted images.

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