Happiness and Our Illusions


by David Nova

We often tell our children to follow their dreams. We proclaim to ourselves and the world that we’re following our dreams. We like to dream. We like to imagine a better future for ourselves. We wrap ourselves up in our dreams. They become our expectations. We live in a world full of dreams, yet most of those dreams are simply illusions. We tend to get lost in our own illusions. So much of our temporal happiness and unhappiness is rooted in illusion, in magical thinking, which then becomes our expectations. 

Our magical thinking comes from an incomplete (and unconscious) understanding of spiritual manifestation married to our illusions about the world we live in. We believe we can simply rewrite the rules of our reality, that we can circumvent the consequences of our actions, that we can sweep our unpleasant past experiences under the rug and ignore them.

Our world has a vested interest in maintaining our illusions. A great deal of money can be made in peddling illusions of happiness. The products and services we buy, the junk food we eat, the entertainment we consume, the financial instruments we invest in, the political causes we support, it’s all pretty much based upon the fulfillment of a particular human illusion. 

Have any of these things actually made the world a better place to live in? Is the world really any happier for all of these things? Or do we just want and expect more? More happiness. More illusion. Are we addicted to our illusions? What happens when our illusions fail us?  Do we run to different illusions? Or do we unmask our own illusions and seek reality?

We’re seeing this happen in the world right now. We’re seeing a world full of  illusions fail us. A lot of angry, frustrated people are jumping aboard other illusions desperately hoping for a vastly different outcome. They are desparately trying to rewrite the rules of our reality, looking for the easy fix, to become happy again. This has produced social justice warriors and cancel-culture on the left, and to some extent the Q-movement on the right. Yet true happiness for the world can not be won in a political duality war. Political truth is not the same thing as spiritual truth. The nature of duality war is merely another symptom of our illusion and unhappiness. 

There is a darkness in this world that is always trying to manipulate a duality war towards its own goals – to keep us divided, to keep us fighting one another, to keep us hating one another, to keep us living in fear, to ensure our unhappiness so that we will continue to chase the carrot of the false, illusory happiness they want to offer instead. All this is done to keep us in-prisoned, of our own freewill,  within a dark illusory world they desire to control, for the sake of their own illusory, dark-tunnel-vision of happiness. Misery loves company.

The world lives in an illusion because the truth seems too painful to face. The truth will destroy our illusions of happiness. Yet the truth will set us free. But first, if we can face it, it will piss us off. 

The real Jedi trick is transforming our anger so that we don’t end up falling back into another duality war. Luke Skywalker’s Hero’s Journey in the original Star Wars trilogy is an excellent example. 

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image source: unsplash.com, non-copyrighted images.

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