Happiness and the Light


by David Nova

I’m sure the vast majority of non-aligned individuals see themselves as good people, and they generally are. There’s nothing wrong with wanting a happy life for yourself and your family, so there’s no significant judgment here. The non-aligned are equally aspects of Source, they’ve simply forgotten who they are.  However being “good” is not the same as being “the Light.” It doesn’t rise to the same level of consciousness. The non-aligned light candles in the darkness for themselves and their loved ones. Those on the Light Path shine their inner light to brighten the entire world. 

The choice for the Light Path is not easily or automatically made. It requires a leap of faith, believing in a truth that is not easily apparent in this world, believing in something that is bigger than our 3D human lives. The choice for the Light Path requires us to look beyond our situation of temporal pleasure and pain, toward something more meaningful and permanent. The choice of the Light Path is a realization that we are so much more than our temporal environment, not an easy task given the spiritual amnesia and human nearsightedness we are born into. We are called to rise above our human situation, to transcend it. This requires some work on are part. Inner work.

For this reason, the Light Path is not casually chosen in the course of one human lifetime. It is the collective effort of many lifetimes, through inspiration and setbacks. If we look at the path through an eduction analogy, one lifetime might be a single exam, a lucky success or an unfortunate failure, but many lifetimes are a series of exams that ensure mastery before final graduation.

The Ra Material defines this spiritual polarity as “Service-to-Others.” There is an inherent misinterpretation of this label do to the limitations of our language. On the surface we might visualize the life of a Mother Teresa, someone who becomes completely selfless in the world, someone who gives everything she has to others without reservation, saving nothing for herself. This may be one path to walk toward the Light, but it is not the only way.  It is not the definition of “Service-to Others” which is perhaps an abbreviation of a more comprehensive term such as “Service-to-Other Selves in Recognition of Our Spiritual Oneness.” 

To give all of your light and energy to others without sustaining yourself is not the path of the Light. It is a spiritual distortion from our material world. We serve others best by example, not by selfless duty. Thus our inner work is often more important than our outer deeds, though our outer deeds should reflect and extend our inner beliefs. 

The Light Path should not be miserable. The Light Path should know happiness in great abundance, seeking an inner joy rather than blindly chasing outer desires. With inner joy comes outer happiness which is self-sustaining and permanent, in good times and bad. Inner joy is the best foundation of a well-built house, which will not crumble if the Earth shakes. 

How do we find and sustain our inner joy?

image source: unsplash.com, non-copyrighted images.

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