Happiness and Alignment


by David Nova

The universal desire for happiness connects us, yet it doesn’t necessarily make us morally good, particularly when an aspect of competition enters human beliefs and human interactions. Do we share joy or do we compete for happiness? Is our own happiness more important than our neighbor’s happiness? Do our own needs outweigh the needs of others? This is the very foundation of the moral alignments represented in the Ra Material.

I’ve stated that the real lessons on 3D Earth are all about choice. Happiness is a choice. Love is a choice. Our personal morality is a choice. Though we may have suffered at the hands of others, though our life up to this point may have been difficult, it’s our choices in the present moment that continually direct our moral alignment. What we do with our freedom of choice directs the spiritual path we’re on.

We always have more choice than we realize. We choose what we believe, and our beliefs dictate our thought patterns and emotional responses. We freely choose how we respond to any circumstance or provocation. We often rationalize our choices which only serves to reenforce our distorted beliefs. It’s a vicious, circular trap we fall into. Thus the key to changing one’s alignment is first changing one’s core beliefs. Not an easy task.

The desire for happiness can make us self-centered. The desire for happiness can move us to be selfless, to seek to serve others and improve our world. Or the personal desire for pleasure and power can make us self-serving beyond the boundaries of consensus morality and humanity.

This is an accessible way to grasp a better understanding of moral/ethical/spiritual alignments. Beyond simply good vs bad, in The Law of One, the Ra Material describes the three basic alignments: non-aligned, Service-to-Others, and Service-to-Self. 

It should come as no surprise that the vast majority of people on planet Earth are non-aligned. Non-aligned individuals are not fully polarized to what is more commonly understood as the “Light” or the “Dark” path. They are stuck in the middle, sitting on the fence, often willfully ignorant, willfully powerless, and willfully asleep. They dismiss, in both subtle and obvious ways, their own personal spiritual power for choice.

The desire for temporal happiness has a great deal to do with non-alignment. We can not find fault in the desire to be happy. The desire is universal and so very human. However, the desire for happiness often blinds us to the truth of what will provide true happiness. Desires are the loud flashy distractions to the calm inner peace and knowing that is true happiness

The non-aligned generally believe and behave, either consciously or unconsciously, as if the pursuit of their own personal happiness, the security of their family/tribe, is the greater good, thus they are likely to fall into a political duality mindset. Thus some “other group” poses an existential threat to their perceived freedom and happiness. This is how duality programing manipulates, particularly with emotion over logic.

When you’re asleep, chasing happiness and distractions, when you’ve given up your personal spiritual power of choice, self-empowerment, you become an easy mark for manipulation. 

The greatest threat to the non-aligned, head-in-the-sand pursuit of temporal happiness is the knowledge that real spiritual evil actually exists, and thus real spiritual goodness exists as well. Denial is an intensely motivating force when the worldview in which you’ve invested your entire sense of identity is on the line. 

This is what we are witnessing, with every new crisis of social insanity, the crumbing walls of denial. I’m being told that the reason this global awakening is taking so long to unfold is because of Spirit’s unfathomable compassion, giving as many people as much time as they personally need. Fast or slow, this awakening is a painful process, stripping away a lifetime of programming. Slow simply spreads out the shock, allows the temporal ego identity time to crumble and reintegrate, instead of being demolished.

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image source: unsplash.com, non-copyrighted images.

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