What is the New Age Movement?


by David Nova

Every year or so a new voice comes out of the woodwork and makes the claim that the New Age Movement is either a deception or demonic. This is almost always a personally biased over-simplification. The New Age Movement is not one belief system, or one religion. It is not analogous to Christianity, where many different churches, secs, and interpretations stem from one common source, the New Testament.

What is the New Age Movement?

First of all, the name itself comes from the concept of the Astrological Ages. We are currently in a transition period, leaving the Age of Pisces, entering the Age of Aquarius.  This is the origin of the label, New Age, though some people in the New Age Movement have little clue about this origin. The Age of Aquarius is not just a song from a 1960’s musical.

If Christianity is in essence one book and many churches, the New Age Movement is thousands of books and no particular church.

The New Age Movement is a broad term for a vast array of personal spiritual experiences, a truth movement if you prefer, comprised of many different people with differing individual beliefs, sharing a few universal commonalities. There is no gospel to the New Age Movement, however, it is often defined by the belief systems of historically prominent writers or spiritualists, whose motivation may justifiably be called into question. Some early prominent New Age writers of the 19th and early 20th century were actively involved in spiritualism and the occult world.

The word occult simply means “hidden or concealed knowledge.” During the Christian era, particularly during the inquisition, any spiritual knowledge that was not consistent with the teachings of the Roman Catholic Church was considered heresy. So in essence, any spiritual knowledge, both the light and the dark, was forced to go underground, to become occulted. Any spiritual understanding or teaching that predated Christianity, that wasn’t adopted by Christianity – which adapted many of its own religious holidays from pagan traditions, was forced into hiding.

The understanding of the Astrological Ages predates Christianity. One of the predominent symbols for Christ, the ΙΧΘΥΣ (ichthys), or fish, is also a representation of the Age of Pisces, the fish.

In Christian terms, the end of the Age of Pisces and the transition to the Age of Aquarius would be the coming of the Kingdom of God. However, just as the Israelites misunderstood the coming of their messiah, so too some fundamentalist Christians misunderstand the second coming of theirs. Many are still focused primarily upon another physical incarnation or manifestation, a king with a sword, rather than the spiritual manifestation of Christ Consciousness, what they might equally call the Holy Spirit.

The notion of a physical messiah-warrior-hero is still very much stuck in the consciousness of the Age of Aries, the god of war, the bloody-heroic era of ancient Egypt, Greece, and Rome (approximately 2150 BC – 0 AD) when human ego conscniousness expanded and their rulers reigned as divine figureheads. The Israelites expected their coming messiah to be such a warrior-hero, to free them from Roman imperial subjugation, thus they rejected Christ when he arrived.

The Age of Pisces overturned the old tribal-ego belief systems with an example of divine self-sacrifice rather than divine retribution. This was the self-sacrifice of the Aries ego, the symbolic sacrifice of the ram or sheep.

Likewise the Age of Aquarius will overturn the Piscean karmic belief system of judgment and spiritual subservient penance with an expansion of spiritual understanding, self-compassion, and compassion for other selves – the actual message that Christ taught and was persecuted for – “Love thy neighbor.”

The Age of Aquarius is represented by a figure pouring water from a jar, the unconscious waters that the fish has up till now survived in. Thus the fish must spiritually evolve and adapt to the air, to the new spiritual energies. In a sense, we are witnessing the water being poured out of our world, revealing the true surface of things we never saw or imagined before. We are being poured into a brand new environment. Not all fish will choose to endure this. Many will wish to remain in familiar waters, and swim to the waters of another 3D incarnation when they return, until they are finally ready to make the leap, a true leap of faith.

The New Age Movement is a collective effort to better grasp and understand this spiritual process on an intimate and personal level, to reach for a direct connection to spirit, rather than going through another mortal or physical or cultural intermediary.

The New Age Movement is not perfect, in many respects we are still stumbling in the dark, sometimes connecting to spirits that may not always be of the highest order. Some of these spirits may wish to deceive us, but it is faulty logic to suggest that the New Age Movement is demonic simply because a handful of individuals subject themselves to demonic influence. That’s like saying capitalism is evil because of the actions of corporate robber barons. It’s painting the little guy running a local convenience store with the same broad superficial brush. There are numerous examples of individuals where belief in the New Age Movement overlaps with Christian beliefs. They are not mutually exclusive.

When the New Age Movement entangles itself in commerce and commercialism, it is also easily lead astray, moving focus from the internal spiritual life to the external physical world, no different then when Christianity or the Roman Catholic Church became entangled in commerce and commercialism, or when Jesus threw the money-changers out of the temple. It’s the same old story repeated. Commerce and spirituality are never the best of bedfellows.

However, what sets the New Age Movement apart from the past is this intense desire to reach out, to explore, to fearlessly understand the unknown, to make a personal connection with spirit, to form a partnership with angels, to help bring even more wisdom of the divine to Earth, to become a living bridge for God’s plan for Earth. And to better understand that there is no separation, that we are all part of one living cosmic being. We are all worthy to be partners with the divine, not submissive servants.

About the Author

David Nova is the author of the metaphysical fiction series “Season of the Serpent.”  He is a truth-seeker, a Wanderer, a blogger, and was the moderator of Deus Nexus: Messages For An Entangled Universe.

This article is offered under Creative Commons license. It’s okay to republish it anywhere as long as attribution bio is included and all links remain intact.

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