Deus Nexus has been Censored by WordPress

By David Nova

It’s a sad day. Censorship has struck! has been suspended by WordPress for “violating Terms of Service.”


Sal P. (Automattic)
Oct 29, 20:28 UTC


Upon review of your site,, we no longer feel that your site aligns with our Terms of Service and User Guidelines. As such, your site has been suspended and will not be returned.

Suspended after reposting this article…

New York Times’ New Articles on Silicon Valley Parents’ Fears About Kids and Screens Includes “The Devil Lives in Our Phones.”

However, the real cause of the suspension may in fact be because of this…

New policy allows it to shut down blogs of 5@ndy H00k deniers

However, it has been over 5 years since I’ve posted anything about 5@ndy H00k, and in point of fact I have never denied that 5@ndy H00k took place, only that it may have been a false flag operation.

Free speach is now under serious attack in the United States and around the world.

For 6 years, WordPress encouraged me to post freely, and gleefully notified me whenever I accumulated an unusual amount of hits/readers – so that they could benefit from placing ads on my personal blog. However, the Silcon Valley crackdown on freedom of speech has now spread beyond Facebook and Twitter. I falsely assumed that WordPress was a pretty safe harbor, atleast for the time being. However that assumption has proven painfully incorrect. There are no longer any safe harbors in corporate controlled social media platforms.

“…I’m going to eventually move the posts I’ve personally written to a new incarnation, but I’m afraid Deus Nexus is done. Time to write a new chapter of life. Maybe I’ll even work on another novel.”

Unfortunatley, I have no immediate plans to resurrect DEUS NEXUS and move it to a self-hosted site, which would require a great deal of spare time, programming skills, and personal expense. I simply do not have the free time or the desire to set up and run another independent aggregated news blog. I don’t have the energy to spare.

The convenience of WordPress (and similar services) is that anyone can become a blogger without an excess of time, expense, or technical frustration. Having hosted my own writer’s website for many years, I experienced my share of technical frustration.

However, I shall continue to blog, as I find time. You can find my posts here at, which I may eventually move to a self-hosted site. Also, you can follow me on Facebook (see link on sidebar)

As I have been receiving several requests from readers, I may eventually look into archiving Deus Neuxs online from the backup files to an easy/affordable hosting site, however, this would simply serve as a grave yard. It would likely not be an updated site.

DEUS NEXUS articles may be available online for a limited period as a cached archive. If there are certain pages that you are interested in reading, I would suggest using the google web cache while it is still available. You can find most DEUS NEXUS articles this way. Just do a google search for an article, instead of clicking on the link provided, click on the little black triangle after the link that says’ Cached” It will take you to an archive of that post. Images may not be available.

Or you can use this search engine if you know the URL.

DEUS NEXUS was always a free blog. I didn’t ask for donations, I didn’t make any money in advertising.

DEUS NEXUS was always spiritually-based. I always strived to find the spiritual side on any subject, and offer a positive perspective when I could.

DEUS NEXUS was always an exercise in discernement, not always perfect, always sorting through the entire internet and selectively posting/reposting blogs for the benefit of readers with equally busy lives.

Over the last few months, I’ve posted with less frequency, as I became busier in my private life, as I felt that discerning truth within the alternative media had become increasingly muddy, having much to do with the extreme political duality that has only been accelerating in pace.

It is my hope that after the election President Trump finally addresses the internet censorship that has been running on overdrive, silencing the voices that only seek truth. We shall see what happens. We live in an interesting and dangerous time.

So one way or another, it is now time for a New Chapter. Therefore, I am accepting the end of DEUS NEXUS and seeking out what this Next Chapter shall be.

To all the readers who have supported DEUS NEXUS over the years, I thank you, for visiting, for sharing, for contributing, for seeking truth and for sharing truth.

We are the ones we have been waiting for.

Thank you.


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