A New Project: Revisiting The Serpent



August 4, 2016

Work on the next installment in the series, “Season of the Serpent: Conscription,”  is currently on hold.

June 25, 2014

Greetings Season of the Serpent fans:

I have some great news. I shall be returning to this imaginative Universe to tell another story. I’ve been struck by inspiration to write another adventure. However, this particular project will not be a full length novel. It will be a short novella, roughly 80 pages, or the length of one Act. For reference, the Season of the Serpent series consists of 10 Acts in total.

Even better, this ebook will be a FREEBIE, a way of saying “thank you” to existing fans. Alas, saying thank you is not my sole agenda.

As readers may or may not know, self-publishing is a difficult business to successfully break into. So many new ebooks flood the market each and every day, standing out becomes a real challenge, even for a well constructed story. Various marketing attempts and social networking promotions simply fail to draw in significant new readers. The only proven method of reaching these readers, in this writer’s experience, is by giving an ebook away for free.

I’ve had great success with Amazon’s Free Promotion Days. (See this post and this post) Whenever Season of the Serpent: Book One is featured as a free download it instantly becomes the #1 to #3 book in its category for consecutive days, in this case, both Metaphysical Fiction and Metaphysical Science Fiction. This means that many new readers are downloading it and giving it a chance, readers who might otherwise never pick it up. Not all of them will read it, but those who do often come back for Book Two. Plus I get a nice sales spike for a couple of weeks afterwards.

Yet even at a price point of only $0.99, less than the price of a cup of coffee, Book One is largely ignored by ebook buyers on Amazon. Once it falls in sales rank it basically becomes invisible.

Unfortunately, Amazon only allows you 5 Free Promotion Days in a 90 day window, and only if your book is exclusive to Amazon, which is why Season of the Serpent has yet to show up on any other ebook platform.

My original solution was to make Book One permanently free. To accomplish this feat on Amazon, your ebook must already be free in a competitor’s marketplace, like Nook or iBooks. Then Amazon may eventually get around to pricing your ebook as free. This method seems to work well for other authors with multiple books.

Another road block toward gaining new readers for Season of the Serpent is the unusual introduction and relatively show pace at the start of Book One. Some new readers do not venture beyond a few chapters.

So I hit upon another solution – write another story, a short action-packed novella to introduce new readers to this highly unusual Universe, and make it FREE. Up until now, the premise of such a short story had yet to materialize. In a burst of inspiration, it is now fully realized, from start to finish. Hopefully, it should only take a couple of months to complete.

So what should you expect from this new story? Here are some clues.

– It takes place closer to present day.
– It is a continuation of the larger story, set in the same Universe.
– A few of the characters from SOTS shall return.
– And a new protagonist will be revealed.

That’s all I’m going to say.

If this venture is successful and well received, it may well be the origin of an entirely new book series.


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