The Soul’s Evolving (Returning) Perception Of The Universe

 By David Nova | Deus Nexus (originally posted Nov. 27, 2012)

The following hierarchical list should not be taken as some sort of Cosmic Truth. It is merely meant as a guide to awaken your soul to its greatest potential, encouraging you to challenge your perception of the Universe around you. While this list may be compatible with the Chakra system, or the density structure of planetary consciousness, it should not be viewed as some sort of imposed metaphysical structure. This is merely a tool for consciousness. Consciousness is constantly moving up and down this scale in our daily (third density) experiences. The goal is to maximize our time in the higher levels of consciousness, to move ourselves into these higher frequencies.


The Infant Stage. The playpen. No self-perception. All of our needs are met (by imperceptible parent souls) without our own sovereign will being involved. This is the forgotten stage, the sleeping stage, the helpless stage, the full circle of the last stage of consciousness, when our souls fall back into the material realm and forget their true origin or identity. This is the stage that drug use often returns us to (or for that matter, any addiction) even when our aim is to contact higher levels of consciousness, the Id inside us constantly wishes to surrender and return to a state of impotent, consequence-free bliss. Sorry, but you can’t go back into the womb.


The Toddler-Exploration Stage. The playground. Rudimentary external perception. As little Adam and little Eve, having eaten the forbidden fruit, we are aware of ourselves as newly powerful demigods in an exciting new world. We exercise our new found freedom to explore, to play, to conquer, and to destroy. We are in love with our own creative power. This is primarily a Service-to-Self stage as we seek to fulfill our own needs and desires without awareness of, or concern for, others around us. Unfortunately, many individuals get stuck in this stage and build for themselves elaborate systems and philosophies to keep themselves within a Jungle mentality – international bankers, ruthless dictators, corporate raiders, Wall Street traders … the list goes on and on


The Preadolescent Conformity Stage. The church, The prison. Greater external perception, rudimentary internal perception. Little Adam and Eve have experienced the consequences (by parental authority or social convention) of stepping out of line. Our new found freedom is quickly curtailed, severely limited. As ensouled creatures with free will, we often perceive any behavioral correction as a punishment. We carry our early experiences with our parents into adulthood as we form religions that are based on the concepts of heavenly reward and hellish punishment. We learn Service-to-Authority, which masquerades as a mandated form of Service-to-Others, but is in essence controlled by Service-to-Self individuals. This system of control transcends religion, becoming the Modus Operandi of the State, even the consumer corporation.


The Post-adolescent School Stage. The classroom. Greater internal perception. We awaken to our higher self, reclaim our own authority, and accept that we have taken on this lifetime, this Earthly struggle, to learn and to grow as a spiritual being. We recognize that we are greater than this Earthly vehicle and ego, that we are incarnated into this lifetime, in part, to pay off a debt of Karma. We spend a good deal of time trying to figure out our life plan, our greater life purpose. We discover that the greatest freedom is in becoming who we were meant to be. Our Service-to-Our-Greater-Self is our Service-to-Others. Yet, our relationships are still tricky, we can’t quite escape the wheel of Karma, and our life seems to jump from one lesson to the next. If we believe that life is a classroom, the Universe will continue to give us more homework.


The Young Independent Adult Stage. The professional student. Self-awareness and self-integration. We truly know who we are, and we know what are chosen mission is. We easily move forward in life to achieve our dreams, and we face even greater challenges. But those challenges are welcomed as the road we travel to reach our chosen destination. Our life’s work is Service-to-Others oriented, and we give 100 percent of ourselves to the job. Every turn on the road leads us somewhere new and unexpected, someplace amazing, asking us to give even more of ourselves than we ever imagined giving. We discover the very core of ourselves: the fighter, the teacher, the artist, the prophet, the healer. We discover the Divine hand invisibly working through us. All this, and yet we still feel somewhat alone.


The Mature Adult Stage. The marriage. Expanded-awareness and soul-family integration. We are open to everyone who travels into our lives, seeing the divine presence within each, the blessings they come to share and teach us. We treat our companions as unique individual souls, with sacred compassion and understanding. We encourage and challenge them, as the Universe encourages and challenges us, yet we never judge, define, or seek to control others. We look beyond the surface, beyond the beautiful face of things. We see the depths of past-lifetimes, lives intertwined in a beautiful dance, an epic romance in which we have all played many roles, as lovers fighting, then returning to love again.

Beyond our relationship with individuals, we perceive a great sea of love all around us. We are fish falling deeply in love with the ocean. To be in love forever. Not eros, not a physical love, but a very passionate, all consuming love. We are completely understood and unconditionally cherished. Too many shy away from such an experience. It is too threatening, too intimate, too unnerving. The fear of inadequacy, emotional intimacy, of losing one’s identity often holds us back from experiencing the kind of love our soul truly desires to know.


The Mastery Stage. Unity. Becoming One with the Universe. We have all experienced fleeting moments when life seems perfect, when everything seems to connect and have meaning. When we experience this perception with perfect clarity, continually, we become One with the Universe, our Source, our Parent, our Lover, our Creator. Imagine what it might be like to experience this Unity Consciousness all the time. It would be Nirvana.

About the Author

David Nova is the author of the metaphysical fiction series “Season of the Serpent.”  He is a truth-seeker, a Wanderer, a blogger, and the moderator of Deus Nexus: Messages For An Entangled Universe.  For additional information about the author or his novels, visit his website, or his Facebook page.

This article is offered under Creative Commons license. It’s okay to republish it anywhere as long as attribution bio is included and all links remain intact.

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