A Conversation About Duality And A Third Force

by David Nova [from Deus Nexus | 28 May 2014]

After reading my post, Captain America Gives The Illuminati Game Away, and my metaphysical series, “Season of the Serpent”, fellow blogger, Nathan Martin of divinepollination.com contacted me via Facebook.  The result was a lively and enlightening conversation that tackles some of the biggest questions in the Universe.

This free flow of ideas sparked fascinating new insights for both writers to explore. So we thought we should share our conversation with you. Bare in mind, many of the insights we discuss are speculative and are meant to be thought provoking.  We’re simply sharing our opinions and insights in an open-minded forum.  You are certainly free to disagree with our conclusions.

The subject of duality – its origin, function, and reconsiliation – is quite large.  A proper study could easily fill volumes as this casual dialogue demonstrates. You may wish to read my primer, Transcending The Duality Paradigm, before tackling the exchange below.

The text has been re-ordered to make the exchange more conversational.


David Nova is the author of the metaphysical fiction series “Season of the Serpent.”  He is a truth-seeker, a Wanderer, a blogger, and was the moderator of Deus Nexus: Messages For An Entangled Universe.  For additional information about the author or his novels, visit his website, or his Facebook page.


Nathan and Aline, Twin Flame soul mates, are spiritual teachers and founders of Unity Tantra and the Divine Pollination Hive; which utilizes EFT meridian tapping to integrate the shadow side within. Their  passion is to assist the earth, and all of its inhabitants, in the transition from the low vibration of fear based love, and into the higher vibration of integration and truth based love — the Divine Marriage. They feel that this transition will lead to a real and lasting peace within each and every creature across the globe, where even “the wolf shall lie down with the lamb”.


So is it your sense, and what you were saying at the end of [Season of the Serpent] Book 2, that the false light/dark are working together now? Or are they still dueling it out? It’s not super important, we just keep doing what we do with our integration, shadow work, EFT, and anima/animus work…but I find it fascinating none-the-less.

My sense is it’s not as simple as the dark working with the false light. I think the dark always manipulates the light side to gain energy/power. Often the false light doesn’t even know it’s being manipulated. The path to hell being “paved with good intentions,” it’s probably pretty easy for “angels to fall” under the spell of ego and power. The dark may try to masquerade as the light, but I think they often require actual deluded light beings to pull it off. So I disagree with the notion that it’s all one big conspiracy of darkness. It’s more like complex, entangled shades of gray. A system of duality always requires some form of “dueling it out.” However, it is that arrogance of the darkness that it thinks it can maintain this system of control forever. There will always be some light siders who break free from the illusion. When enough do, you have a transformation.

[DAVID NOTE: For example, let’s say that a voice in the alternative media was under Monarch mind control.  Would that person who might represent a”false light” be considered working with the darkness or manipulated by the darkness.  While it might appear to be both, ultimately, that individual is being manipulated.]

Yeah, my mind always wants to figure these things out and put them in “order”, lol…but I find the only thing I can trust is my intuition and the understanding and discernment that comes from Source within.

I feel like the darkness is about to throw a piece of itself under the bus for a bigger plan, letting the light have a short lived victory over the sacrificed part (banking & America), and then step up to take control of what the “light’ puts into place as their supposed golden age. But, beyond that, I think both sides may be in for a surprise, aka, the integration of the two like in the movie, the Dark Crystal, where they merge. I really have no idea if this merging will be gradual, go in waves, or happen all at once for everyone…the all at once feels like wishful thinking to me right now though, I just leave open all possibilities.

Such wonderful insights! I very much agree with your assessment. This is not a subject your average light worker wants to talk about. They wish to see a clean and quick victory of the light, but then such a simple victory would erase billions of opportunities for soul lessons for incarnating souls, diminishing the entire purpose of physical incarnation.

Sure, I’d love to see a utopia of light on Earth tomorrow, but I don’t think that’s how things actually work. I think you are absolutely right. The older orders of the cabal are certainly not stupid. They see the writing on the wall. They want to hang on to their power and control as long as they can, even if it means changing the way they play the game. I think the cabal will indeed “throw a piece of itself under the bus for a bigger plan.”

I’ve felt that some sort of transitional world order will be ALLOWED to maintain power for a short period of time, until humanity is ready to fully awaken – “a kinder & gentler” NWO, if you will, a compromise from the darkness to continue to exist. Otherwise, the disruption to our society would be far too great for most to bear. The Light wants to ensure that as many souls as possible benefit from ascension. Those of us who are ready now will be very impatient – we are going to have to embrace our power and integrate our shadow side, as you say.

[DAVID NOTE: I should clarify: what I perceive to be happening is that the larger network of elite bloodlines will sacrifice the Nazi faction of the Illuminati and attempt to paint themselves in a positive new light, “a kinder & gentler” NWO, however this charade will be short lived and the awakening world will eventually push them out of power, either quickly or gradually. At that point, the souls still clinging to darkness may decide to leave and incarnate elsewhere.]

[REFERENCE: When George H.W. Bush accepted the Republican nomination for the presidency at the 1988 party convention, he sought in part to distinguish himself from Ronald Reagan and the Reagan administration. In his administration, Bush assured the American people, he would work to make America “a kinder, and gentler nation.” cite.]

I too would love to see a miracle, and one of the possible timelines we’ve seen actually involves direct removal of the various bloodlines and ruling classes, allowing humanity to get through their mess at their own speed without the ruling classes there to manipulate in the shadows. More of an energetic removal, a timeline split, or something like it…not ‘arrests”, I don’t trust those are genuine.

After such a removal (actually, more a “push out” by the collective consciousness being too high for them to stay), humanity would still need to inch along and find their way, just free of external secret manipulations.

Another great analogy of what may transpire can be found in the television remake of Battlestar Galactica – the finale of which was far too “spiritual” for most casual sci-fi fans. The Cylons were split, between those that wished to make peace with mankind and those that wanted destruction. God or fate intervened. The resistant Cylons were destroyed (or separated). The repentant Cylons and humanity colonized the New Earth, learning to integrate, cooperate, and work together – a challenging evolution, and a lesson in forgiveness.

I will have to check out the last episode of Battlestar, I never really watched the new series, except for a few episodes, but I remember watching the original on TV when I was four, LOL.

There may also be an ET dimension to all this, some 4th Density false light ET interference that may be a little too eager to “help us” by slowing the entire process down.

According the the Ra Material, we don’t really begin to overcome duality and balance the light and dark until the 5th Density, where we master wisdom.

It is interesting that you speak of “densities”, we too have seen these…and the 5th density “Divine Marriage” of the masculine and feminine within the body/vehicle, of Unity Consciousness. And yes, I agree, unity is at 5th density, 4th is still dualistic, just with more truth and clarity.

Although I am more Gnostic, as in, I only trust my own direct experiences and understandings, I do see that there were some true light that inserted themselves into both the Jewish and Christian false light controlled systems. That being said, I related to your book so much that it felt like I understood your experience, especially since I spent my 8th and 9th grade years in Fairfax, VA, where my father worked at the Navy Yard on SDI…back in ’87-88. Aline and I often wake up more tired after 10 hours of sleep than we felt before going to bed…so much going on at night that we don’t realize, especially for Aline.

Growing up, I had a lot of issues with traditional Christianity, yet I am able to appreciate the tenants of unconditional love and forgiveness that are central to the message, so yes, I believe there is some true light buried under the dogma and control mechanisms. I knew my novels would be challenging for Christians, but I think it’s a message they really need to hear, to break out of their Matrix.

I would like to clarify before moving any further, that when we speak of masculine or feminine, we are speaking of internal energies, and a geometric relationship between the two, and not gender’s, and that our experience as twin flames has allowed us a unique opportunity to see the energies in play…me being polarized as the masculine and her as the feminine. We only speak from what we have experienced, it is our “knowing”, much like the Gnostic inner knowing; and these polarized energies can play out in thousands of different ways with a same sex relationship, or a relationship between a parent and child, and MUCH much more.

This all raises a question, one that has been in the back of my mind for quite some time…about the “third force” that Veterans Today spoke of. The idea that there is a hidden third force, a man behind the man behind the curtain, that is manipulating both the false light and the false dark. While reading your books, the question again came to the forefront again; who’s the one eye behind the two just above them on the pyramid? Is there such a thing, or is that the game? The movie “Now You See Me” got me thinking about this a lot…and I’ve heard it said that there has been a 2000 year plan in place, with the lower divided camps being played against each other. Anyway, just a question that came back up from your books.

As to the question of a “third force,” I’m not really certain. I can tell you that when I wrote the end of Book Two, I debated with the idea of having the Lord of Chaos and the Lord of Order be revealed as one-in-the-same entity, thus the man behind the curtain controlling Chaos and Order was one immortal being. However, I eventually rejected this approach, because for whatever reason, it didn’t feel right or seem like the highest truth for the purpose of the novel.

However, sometimes I question whether this world of illusion is indeed controlled by a single Demiurge entity. Is there a Lucifer figure, or a dark soul group, that is the eye on top of the pyramid? Does it control the duality game? Is such a entity real or merely the misguided belief of a twisted religion? Does a belief in such a being actually call it into existence, like a thought form?

Let me try to answer the question differently with a Sunday school story. Let’s say that once upon a time there was just Source, all of creation of one mind in perfect unity and harmony. Then one day an angel named Lucifer said he had had enough, he was tired of unity consciousness, tired of bending his knee to GOD. So he left. He set up his own creation in a shadow universe, an illusory separate bubble of space/time. In that moment, Lucifer created duality, an opposing reality to unity. And everything might have been fine if the other angels had kept their cool. They could have looked down from Heaven and said, “brother we’re sorry you left, but were gonna keep the party going, so when you come to your senses, please come home. We’ll be waiting for you.”

So if duality were just Lucifer sitting in a corner throwing a temper tantrum and everyone else refusing to expend any emotion energy over the situation, Lucifer would seem pretty pathetic and powerless. But the other angels didn’t keep their cool. They took Lucifer’s absence quite personally. One third of them followed Lucifer into the void of this new creation. Another third decided to chase after them and bring them all home by any means. These well-intentioned angels found themselves involved in a civil war to end the division of unity. After a few billion years they eventually forgot what they were fighting about. They had offspring. They created civilizations. And thus duality became a real problem, not because one lone angel went rogue, but because he managed to convince everyone else that his delusion was real.

Wow, what a great conversation, thank you for sharing your perspective on the possibilities of the third force; the dark and light, on some levels, really are fighting, but there also feels like there is something further down the rabbit hole, for sure.

I suppose I don’t really believe that one dark entity controls the game of duality. We all play a part in keeping the game going. Maybe it’s just extraterrestrials and extradimensionals playing god. If the duality game was already built into the universe, then these dark entities are merely using this situation to their own advantage. The cabal uses the fractured nature of our third density consciousness to their advantage in mind control.

It is hard to imagine that any being would actually be required to bend their knee to God, there had to be some kind of wound already manifested in Lucifer to create such a susceptibility. What do you think that original susceptibility might have been?

Who is Lucifer in contrast to Samael, from your perspective, or the Gnostic perspective? How do you feel that Samael and Lilith’s union factor’s into this duality mess?

When I wrote my little parable about Lucifer, I wasn’t so much attempting to be literal as metaphorical – that at some point some aspect of Unity Consciousness decided to separate and descend into its own manifested creation, the lower realms and densities. Whether his or her name is Lucifer is really unimportant to me. For me, the point is about the first occurrence of separation which lead to the creation of duality.

Of course, my parable was rather simplistic, roughly based on the Christian creation mythology. Using the phrase “tired of bending his knee to GOD” was not intended to be literal. At some point, there must have been some impetus to separate from Unity and seek the experience of self-identification as a creator, just as a child separates from his/her parents’ world.

Oh yes, definitely, I do not take any of these stories literally, they are metaphors for a stream of energy, an “aeon” so to speak. This “being”, whatever the name, is inside of me, as are all of the major streams of consciousness in this galaxy or universe…once integrated though, they are transformed alchemically into something wonderful.

In reality, the situation may be much more involved, with Creator Gods forming the various Universes, with a sub-entity responsible for our Galaxy.  Your idea of a Third Force may well be this sort of entity, who then set up the forces of duality, Order and Chaos. To my mind, such duality is built into the Matrix of the Universe at a subatomic level. Then a Third Force would be equally elemental in nature, even subatomic.

I would tend to think about it as a “force of separation and resistance” when its dark, or a “force of cohesion and nurture” when its light. Depending upon our own inner light, we tend to experience one or the other more.

Here is something I wrote back in November of 2013 on the third force, this may resonate with your perspective as well: http://divinepollination.com/light-darkness-the-third-force/. …and Aline wrote this in November as well: http://divinepollination.com/light-and-dark-infinite-potential-and-matter-fem-masc/

[All this] begs the question, are there different versions of Unity, one before duality, and one that happens after coming back together through integration?

One of my own insights is that ultimately the Universe is cyclical.  It goes through seasons of Light and Darkness, Unity and Separation. The Multi-verse expands and contracts like the tide. We’re at the point in the cycle, we’re leaving the darkness and returning to the light, we’re heading back to Unity.  Thus Unity would be the same both before and after duality.  Again, I’m reminded of a phrase from the new Battlestar Galactica about the cosmic drama, “All this has happened before, and all of it will happen again.”

My feeling is that there is a different duality at every level, up to the point where duality begins to merge into oneness and unity. For example, at 3D it might be Order and Chaos. At 4D it might be Love and Fear. At 5D it might be Interference and Non-interference, or Service-to-Self and Service-to-Others. But there is still always some form of duality that makes creation work.

Might there be two different 5d experiences? One where there is the Divine Marriage, the masculine and feminine integrated as One within (Christed), and then a second version where the wound (or susceptibility) of duality still resides, such as Anastasia in Russia? Or would Christed catapult an individual beyond 5d, to a place where Source can have a full experience within the dualistic dimensions?

According the the Ra Material, there are indeed two variations of the 5d experience, one for Service-to-Others and one for Service-to-Self.  While the light path seeks it’s own integration of dualities, the dark path eventually comes to a dead end, realizing that it must integrate as well. The two paths eventually merge back together in 6d.

It’s like that old Led Zepplin song, Stairway to Heaven:  “Yes, there are two paths you can go by, but in the long run. There’s still time to change the road you’re on.”

My point would be that any physical or astral being emotionally involved in the game of duality would be subject to a universe of duality. Rather than creating the game of duality, these beings simply learn to manipulate the rules to their own advantage. Therefore, cabal members are not masters of duality, they are merely manipulators who themselves are manipulated by the very forces they attempt to manipulate.

And this may ultimately be a good thing, because it means their behavior is ultimately controlled by the greater plan for the Universe, which is the point of my novels – While the forces of Chaos and Order are fighting each other, they are also working together for self-interest and their own mutual survival. Ultimately, their battle creates a nexus point of transformation for self-aware consciousness, an opportunity for Ascension.

When the human mind, which is dualistic, is squeezed between two dualistic forces, it must choose a third option for its own survival. The Cabal uses this process to create their ideal dystopia, Order out of Chaos. Their plan would require such intense pressures of greater and greater duality that it may ultimately be unattainable, doomed to the forces of entropy. However, I believe that the greater Universe is using the darkness and their game to create the crucible necessary for a positive quantum leap in consciousness – Ascension.

And I agree, all of the players are all serving some higher function that they are unable to perceive, they are not aware that they are being manipulated, and their manipulators are also not aware of how they fit into the greater mosaic.

What I’ve learned from writing my novels is that conflict is the #1 ingredient to a successful fictional story. You have to have some form of conflict on every page or the story stalls and becomes boring. Conflict from duality is the engine of creation. When you remove conflict and duality, you have stillness, peace, timeless nothing, a state of meditation — you have nirvana.

We’ve always felt that nirvana was a more masculine form of awakening…as our feminine has awakened (within me and externally as Aline), we have had stillness and peace, but also a lot of thoughts there as well…fast rotating thoughts full of understanding. Do you perceive nirvana as integration, or more masculine or feminine. Why?

My concept of nirvana (apart from any eastern meaning) would probably be more integrated, in the sense that duality and conflict would be notably absent.  The impartial internal observer regards Being and Doing, emotion and thought, as oscillating aspects of the whole.

Our (Aline and I) life’s purpose required that we be twin flames and tightly interwoven together, it would have been impossible for us to accomplish our bridge to unity consciousness without being forced to polarize at opposite ends of the spectrum; to integrate them into One. When we’re not at each other’s throats, we’re very supportive, who knew living with yourself could be so difficult?!?! lol!

Your books are a tremendous gift to humanity, the understanding that has been brought down as a result is phenomenal, and in fact, has sparked our own creative process to hunker down and finish our book(s) this month. We had talked about writing an allegory for our insights for our book “The Two Became the One”, but didn’t know what that might look like…but reading your series gave us the inspiration to channel all of the behind the scenes astral experiences that have been occurring while we have been doing our shadow and anima/animus work together.

You can read Nathan Martin & Aline Van Meer’s latest work on Scribd.com

The Dance of Tension Between
the Dark & the Light

Why are we here? What is duality? Who is the dark and who is the light? Are the two at war? Can they ever unite and peacefully coexist? What is the meaning of life? Is there a way out?




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