Some of Your Comments

by David Nova | 12 Mar 2013

I though I’d share some of the wonderful emails I’ve received about Season of the Serpent: Book One (without compromising anyone’s privacy). I don’t have a lot of readers yet, but the ones I have are amazing. You guys get it! And I appreciate that. You make all the hard work worth it!

The one thing you all seem to have in common – you’re anxious to read Book Two. I wish it was ready to give you right now, but rest assured, it is coming. I’m aiming to have it published in June 2013, which means it needs to be finished in May. It should take about a month to have a company convert it to ebook and/or physical book. Now that I’ve gone through all of the trial and error of publishing Book One, the second should go a little smoother. I’ve learned a quite a bit about the publishing world this past year – much more than I bargained for.

And yes, Book Two will completely wrap up the story. It won’t end with a cliff-hanger. Of course, you already know the Cold War ends well. There may certainly be the potential for sequels, as the events of SOTS take place thirty years ago, but I haven’t committed to that yet. Right now, I’m focused on finishing the second book, making it as good as the first… if not better.

“Thank you for a few hours of being lifted into another world. Your book is disturbing in the fact that I was well in role and really pissed when it ended. Now I am on the search for the other. I don`t like series but you have me hooked.” -G.M.

“I don’t really know what to say except that it’s changed me. I look at things in a completely different way than I did before and it’s the craziest adrenaline rush I’ve ever had. What made it crazier was the Synchronicity between the book and what was actually going on behind me.” -H.S.

“Is it just me? I simply can’t get Meryl Streep out of my head as the Director; even her voice! I think for me it was her role in The Devil Wears Prada that somehow resonates as Dar’Winn for me. Something about being able to project icy brilliance or loathing all without every raising her voice. Delicious! I’m most interested in learning how the serpent intends to redeem himself.” -M.C.

“Thank you for writing such a great story … and I’m anticipating with much gratitude another wonderful escape.” -S.F.M.

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