Roswell Revisited

by David Nova | 13 Jul 2012

It’s been 65 years since the infamous Roswell Daily Record headline declared that the military had captured a flying saucer. Of course, the story was immediately recanted, and the officers involved claimed they had only found a weather balloon, effectively sparing America a sequel of Orson Well’s “War of the Worlds” panic.

Now a former CIA agent has come forward and says it all really happened: 35-year CIA veteran Chase Brandon, a covert operations officer, claims to have accessed the classified evidence at Langley, Virginia.

It was not a damn weather balloon — it was what it was billed when people first reported it. It was a craft that clearly did not come from this planet, it crashed and I don’t doubt for a second that the use of the word ‘remains’ and ‘cadavers’ was exactly what people were talking about.

Not that unusual considering career military officers and government officials have been coming out of the Roswell closet for decades. Unfortunately their story never seems to capture the mainstream media attention it deserves.

Yet a recent survey commissioned by the National Geographic Channel for a new series “Chasing UFOs” found that 80 million Americans believe UFOs are real. Basically one third of America believes we are being visited by extra-terrestrials, with one in ten saying they have personally seen a UFO themselves.

That’s an amazing number, and yet the mainstream media continues to belittle and berate the subject, treating it as urban legend instead of giving the matter a real investigation. Of course, they may be afraid of what they might dig up. According to the Nat Geo survey, almost 80 percent of the respondents believe the government is withholding information about UFOs from the public.

On May 9th, 2001, Doctor Steven Greer’s Disclosure Project gathered over twenty military, intelligence, government, corporate and scientific witnesses at the National Press Club in Washington, DC to demonstrate the existence of UFOs and the advanced energy and propulsion technologies that power them. He is currently producing a documentary featuring witnesses testimony of UFO secrecy and Free Energy technology.

It is well past time to revisit Roswell, to crack the seal of the myth, to open up the government books, to do a proper investigation, and follow the trail of secrecy through the decades to see where the rabbit hole leads. These are secrets that if disclosed have the power to change the world … forever.

“Season of the Serpent” fictitiously explores the history of the Roswell incident and speculates where the secrets might lead.

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