The Serpent is in the Details

by David Nova | 22 Feb 2012

Welcome to the official David Nova website.  Obviously, if you’ve stumbled upon this site you’ve probably read or heard something about my book, Season of the Serpent.  Chances are, it’s unlike any other book you’ve ever read before.  Even as the author, I had no idea in which genre box to stick it.  Part epic fantasy, part science fiction, part coming of age novel, part political thriller, part social satire, as the story evolved it steadfastly refused to fit into a nice, neat, one-dimensional category.  Thus, I imagined I would have a difficult time marketing it to a traditional publisher.  For a variety of converging reasons, I opted to self-publish.  Of course, there has never been a better moment in history to self-publish, so this will be a grand experiment.

However, the story itself stretches beyond the written text of a book.  It truly needs to be experienced as a multi-media event.  For that reason, I am building this website, linking the reader to other creative sources, such as music, youtube videos, and all the research that went into making this project, as well as supplementary sources of information.  None of this effort will probably make me a single extra dime.  I am simply pointing you to other creative ( in most cases, copyrighted) material.  This project will be an unfolding experiment that will either end when Season of the Serpent: Book Two is published or if successful evolve beyond it.  Regardless, I hope it surprises, I hope it enlightens, and I hope you will take part in it.

Of course, this all began with a most unusual and unlikely multi-media event.  In 1997, I participated in a little phenomenon that altered the course of my life.  I listened to Pink Floyd’s Dark Side of the Moon while simultaneously watching The Wizard of Oz.   Maybe you’ve already heard of this.  You can easily try this experiment yourself, or you can look for it online.  I describe this event in great detail in the prologue of my novel which I am posting here, free for you to read.  Yes, I’m trying to get you hooked, hoping you’ll read my novel.  Where you go after that is entirely up to you.

2 thoughts on “The Serpent is in the Details

  1. I literally did just stumble across your website (or perhaps unconsciously was led)? I have not had the pleasure of reading either books but they will definitely be my next read. I’m still immersing myself in gathering as much TRUTH as I am capable of, having “AWAKENED” so recently and unlike you, so much later in this life. I’m glad of this discovery.


    1. Welcome! The awakening process can be both exciting and scary. There is a lot of information out there to explore, and not all of it good, but if I can help to answer any question, just ask.


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