“There are more things in heaven and earth, Horatio,
Than are dreamt of in your philosophy.” – Hamlet

Some are born with a purpose, a task they feel a burning need to accomplish. Others simply stumble into their destiny. This work has been my calling for a very long time. What began as a struggle to make sense of my college experience transformed into something infinitely greater. In the summer of 1997, I discovered “The Dark Side of the Rainbow,” the curious and altogether astounding Synchronicity-mashup of Pink Floyd’s “Dark Side of the Moon” and the film “The Wizard of Oz.” (Watch the video or read my interpretation) Suddenly, a vague idea for a fantasy novel soon developed into a metaphorical tale of spiritual awakening, exploring the nature of duality – culturally, politically, and spiritually.

Season of the Serpent incorporates real life Synchronicity with a unique blend of historical, esoteric, and exopolitical background, presenting a modern re-imagination of the Garden of Eden tale.

Part metaphysical contemporary fantasy, part social satire, part conspiracy-thriller, chances are it’s unlike any other book you’ve read. What’s really going on in the Universe? What’s the meaning of life? This inspired fantasy series attempts to capture the intergalactic, multidimensional drama unfolding behind the scenes in a simple, eloquent parable.

Perhaps the Universe is not quite as simple as we perceive, or as we’ve been taught. Perhaps you sense that there is something wrong with the world. Perhaps you find yourself asking, is any of this real? Then perhaps, like the narrator of the Prologue you feel a compelling urge to wake up. You are certainly not alone…