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Mar 2012

Big Brother Is Back On Campus

When I wrote Season of the Serpent, I was completely fictionalizing elements of a shadowy covert government spying upon college students at a state university in 1983. After all, I was writing about UFOs and such, so the X-Files plot just screamed for an imbedded government conspiracy. Read More...

Are You Sure You Want to Self-Publish?

I suppose I never imagined self-publishing would be so exhausting. In the past month I have polished my novel, created my own website, found an internet host, published my website, joined Facebook and twitter, designed my book cover, searched for a graphic artist to create it, Read More...

Does Anyone Read Books Anymore?

I hope so. Unfortunately, in my particular social fishbowl very few people read books. Boy, did I have a hard time finding volunteers to read my novel, not that I really put it out there to be read before self-publication. I was very protective of my secret love child. Read More...
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