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Will there be a third installment?

I'm sorry to say I have no immediate plans to write a third book, though I certainly have some ideas for several more novels. Should the series gain some popularity, I would love to revisit this Universe and write another. Writing these books took an enormous toll of time and energy. I need a break, and I need to refocus my attention on my day job.

Do you want a third book? It's now up to you. Recommend these books to your friends, write a review on Amazon and GoodReads, post a link on Facebook, tweet about them, mention them on your blog. Word-of-mouth is still the single most effective way to promote a book.

Update: Read my recent blog post, A New Project: Revisiting The Serpent

When will the series be available in other formats ?

Currently, Season of the Serpent is exclusive to Amazon, available on paperback and Kindle download. The ebooks will eventually be made available for Nook and iBooks. I'm working on it.

Why did you split the story in half ?

There were several convergent reasons that made the decision seem obvious. After 15 years, I really didn't wish to wait any longer to get it out there. By the time I decided to self-publish, the book had already grown quite long. There was a natural cliff-hanger right in the middle. Some of my favorite books are part of a series. The simple economics of ebook publishing made it necessary. Also, the theme of duality, splitting the two realms into two books seemed rather appropriate.

Why did you decide to self publish ?

Again, there were several convergent reasons. I didn't wish to wait several more years to publish. I wanted complete control of the final product. Ebook sales were taking off! In hindsight, given the current state of the publishing industry, I don't believe a traditional publisher would take a chance on such an unconventional story, told in such an unconventional way.

How do you write ?

Using a Macbook Pro and a writing program, Scrivener, which is one of the best computer programs ever developed to help keep writers organized. Scrivener saved my novel from the chaos of hundreds of notes, not to mention the dozens of cards I used to pare down and thumbtack to a cork board just to keep my plot straight. There are several similar programs out there. If I had to write on an old fashioned typewriter, or rewrite in long hand on sheets of paper, I would never have written a novel.

When do you write ?

I don't have a particular time of day when I write. I write whenever I have free time. That's why it has taken so long to write my first novel. I'm not a morning person. I was never able to force myself to get up early and write before work. That would never happen. I usually wrote on my days off, which were rare, unless I took time off to write, which I did. Then I'd write all day for 8 hours. Once I get into the process it's hard to walk away especially when it goes well. Some days I'd be blocked and frustrated and nothing would flow, then everything I wrote would seem like crap. Unfortunately, I'm a rather slow writer.

Why did your first novel take so long to write ?

(See above) Season of the Serpent was partly inspired by my own life as a freshman in college, but the novel completely transformed from the initial idea. The original story was supposed to take place entirely on campus. After watching The Dark Side of the Rainbow I decided to add the fantasy elements. I had to start over from scratch. After 9/11 (I had just returned to Washington from a writer's conference on a plane the day before) I started over again. Then it just evolved and snowballed, getting bigger and better and more complex.

Where do your ideas come from ?

This is always a difficult question to answer. Of course, the easy joke is that the ideas materialized from smoking pot in college, and to a relatively small degree that may be true. Some ideas are inspired by multiple sources. Others seem to materialize from thin air. Creative writing as almost a spiritual experience. When you write creatively, you have the impression of being connected to something larger than yourself, a vast creative ocean outside yourself. You have to be … In the Zone. This is not something you can control or simply will to happen. You have to allow it, be receptive to it. You have to open the deepest part of your intuitive mind. I'm often amazed by what emerges on the page. Once the nagging, critical, editorial mind takes control the ride is over.

This is not the same thing as saying I believe my words are inspired by God - no more than I would say every television show, novel, comic book, song, and movie are the inspired works of God. However, I do think you can find the Cosmic Mind speaking to you within the framework of creative expression. Has a particular song ever spoke to your heart in a very profound way? Then you already know exactly what I'm talking about. It's a form of Synchronicity. When I write, I try to connect with that.

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And so, over the next decade this story slowly began to unfold, emerging from my creative subconscious as if some divine and maddening muse was guiding its creation. Fighting against my doubts and my procrastination, encouraging me when I became frustrated, I was gently pushed to complete this novel when most of the time I wanted nothing more than to quit writing it.
Season of the Serpent: Book One

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