NEW Season of the Serpent: A Study Guide
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An author is just a conduit for the story. The story actually chooses him (or her) to narrate it. It starts with inspiration - the author takes a leap of faith and seemingly snatches the idea out of the sky. He doesn't know where it came from. He doesn't really care. The idea alone is what interests him. With care and hard work it grows - a seed planted in the rich soil of imagination.

An author struggles with his art. He wrestles with the words every day like a sorcerer trying to summon an elusive spirit until the incantation is just right. Mysteriously. the muse comes forth when the author surrenders to the magical enchantment. Then he must step aside and lets the conjured spirt reveal his tale.

Here's the trick - the author is always hidden inside his work - he works tirelessly to erase his tracks, to throw off suspicion, to evade detection. However, occasionally he peers out from behind the curtain and winks at the audience as if to say: Here I am, come in and find me. But if you ask for my secret, I'll deny everything.

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